October 20, 2014

Impromptu Fun and Vamos United!!!

Morning, glories! I hope y'all had a great weekend and are ready to start the week. My weekend was a great one, filled with sports, good food, awesome friends, my amazing husband and some wonderful chill time on Sunday. 

This weekend I...

::: Baked cookies and cream cupcakes for a tailgate this weekend. #sogood #soeasy #makethemnow

::: Went out on an impromptu dinner date with Le Husband. #spontaneousdateforthewin

::: Ate the best mushroom risotto in the world and enjoyed the company of my wonderful Husband. 

::: Woke up for women's kickball practice on Saturday morning. 

::: Had a GREAT practice and scrimmage with random dudes. 

::: Went home, ate lunch then went to the gym.

::: WORST WORKOUT IN THREE MONTHS! #ugh #pullups #blech

::: Showered and scurried over to RFK for the DC United vs Chicago Fire game, with my BFFER.

::: Got picture sniped by a sneaky Le Husband.

::: Tailgated with some lovely ladies

::: Watched my team win!!! #hoooraysoccer #yayMLS #ilovesoccer

::: Tried to convert Le Husband to soccer…didn't work, but he didn't complain. #goodman

::: Had such an awesome time with my BFFER. It's been awhile since we saw each other, but it's always a blast when we're together. Love you, T!

::: Attended church and celebrated Children's Sabbath, Sunday morning.

::: Randomly ate Hibachi for lunch,  with Le Husband, nom nom nom!

::: Looked for new coffee mugs and bowls, since ours are on their last leg. Couldn't find any I liked, do any of y'all have some suggestions? We want simple, black and white.

::: Grocery shopped, {got some cold cuts haha}, prepped lunch for the week, did laundry, got ready for the week and then took a nap. #ilovenaps #weekendnapsarethebest

::: Celebated another Cowboys win. We're 6-1, baby and we took it to those G-Men. YES! YES! YES!  Football has been awesome this season, let's keep it up okay boys? We have deadskins week, this week, since the skins visit Dallasa next Sunday. Let's get a BIG WIN, okay?!!?

::: Played in an 11pm soccer game, #woof!

::: Won!!! Against a team I hate! #worthitiguess?

How was your weekend?


Today's #blogtober prompt is "Your Biggest Fear", which is a pretty heavy topic in my opinion. I'm not going to go the obvious route and say death, because I think everyone for the most part fears death and all the different ways we can die. 

I'd have to say my biggest fear is not making a positive impact in our world and not leaving my mark on people's lives. I want to leave this world a happier, brighter place, even if that just means a kind word makes someone's day. If I were to disappear tomorrow and no one [besides my family and besties and friends] were to notice a lack of happiness or sparkle in the world, that would fulfill my biggest fear. 

What is your biggest fear?


  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! Sounds like you had a great weekend girl!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Seriously my 2 favorite things about Sundays are naps & football. I always start watching the noon game & end up napping around 3 for an hour or so.

  3. Yummmm, those cupcakes! I want!
    Anytime I hear mushroom risotto, I can't help but think of the movie Date Night, ha ha!
    11pm soccer game?! I must be getting OLD because just the idea of it makes me want to crawl in bed and cry ;) ha ha!

  4. seriously, 6-1?! can't believe it.. hope they keep it up!
    i don't think your biggest fear will come true - it sounds like you are a positive, happy person and your absence would be missed if that were to happen, for sure! my biggest fear is death. inevitable i know.

  5. Visiting from Weekend Wrap Up! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Those cupcakes look delicious, I love that your'e on an organized kickball team that sounds like it would be a whole lot of fun! Happy Monday!

  6. You had me at cupcakes!! They look so good. An 11pm Soccer game! OH my that is so late. What can I say, I'm old. Happy Monday.

  7. I'm am totally loving that gif of the guy with the cold cuts - made my morning!! Simple black and white - have you tried target or Bed Bath and beyond!? Glad to hear your football team is rocking it - mine is not LOL!! Happy Monday!

  8. Cupcakes for the win! I want I want!

    I love your hat!

  9. Cupcakes + mushroom risotto + tailgates = win! Glad ya'll had a fab weekend! xoxo

  10. I want to be able to wear hats, and scarves.. i wore shorts a tank top to the TCU game Saturday.... got a tan... so sad its october! Yay Cowboys!!! need cupcake recipe stat. Miss you like crazy!

  11. Woohoo Cowboys! I love spontaneous dates...they can be so fun! Sounds like a great weekend. :)

  12. What a fun weekend! :) Love your headband!!

  13. Kickball at 11pm?? Are you crazy!!?? haha

  14. Sounds like my weekend, busy busy but fun! HAHAHA, my husband and I love that cold cuts commercial, it's hilarious! YUM cupcakes!

  15. Cookies and cream cupcakes!!!? Yum!

  16. I feel your pain regarding pull ups. Now that I'm 25 weeks preggos I need the assistance band. ugh. It's not pretty.

  17. You do more in a weekend than I do in 2 weeks. Really. I need to step it up I think hah. Such a great ear warmer/head band!

  18. I hate that I even have to fear things, because God certainly doesn't like us to have fear, but I think it's also a natural piece of humans. One of my biggest fears is not being loved. Sounds so cheesy, but it's totally true!

  19. 11pm game? Yikes! That is way past my old lady bedtime.

    Did you say cookies and cream cupcakes? Yummm. I am just going to ignore that...maybe...

    I get your biggest fear. I feel the same way.

  20. COOKIES & CREAM CUPCAKES? OMG. I love that you're a soccer fan too! :) Glad you had an awesome weekend! xoxo

  21. Target has some adorable mugs and whatnot. Very simple but cute! Did you look there at all?

  22. I want one of those cupcakes! Yum!!

  23. Ok so I'm pretty sure you did more than I could've ever dreamed of this weekend...seems like you were always on the run, but looks like you had a great time!

  24. Sounds like a great weekend! And all that talk of yummy food is making me hungry!!

  25. But why aren't you on Snapchat yet !?!? All of these things are snap worthy!

  26. Well now I can't think about anything but those cupcakes! YUM!!!

    Also, every time I see the "cold cuts" commercial I giggle. It's so great!
    "WOOOO I'm gettin' some cold cuts today!" haha gets me every time!


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