October 15, 2014

Vegas [kickball] Crushed Me

I'm finally back. Vegas took a lot out of me, obviously. And sorry I didn't give y'all the heads up before I left. I used to highlight exciting trips before they happened, but then I started to get nervous about posting when I was heading out of town for more than a night. Feel free to call me paranoid, I won't judge you.

And I won't judge you if you shake your head at all the things I did in Vegas. I don't do Vegas the way most people do, because my past five trips have been for a kickball tournament. Yes, I go to Las Vegas for kickball. The first year we went it was a whirlwind of 'holy moly', but then it became, 'cool fun'. Le Husband and I enjoy eating good food and experiencing the location, more than drinking like a fish, so we try to find some things 'off the beaten path'. Oh and since we're playing for $10,000 we don't like to imbibe and dehydrate ourselves the day before the tourney. Afterwards is a totally different story, of course.

In order to get this post out ASAP, I figured I'd link up with Kathy, and make it a confession post. Hopefully that's okay with y'all, and Kathy.

On my 2014 Vegas trip, I confess ...

// I introduced Trip to Vegas. Yes, that means I brought a bear on our trip.

// We brought our suitcases to the bar. Our flight was delayed and we knew if we headed to our hotel first we wouldn't make it out to the bar to meet everyone. We landed in Vegas at 12am local time, which was 3am EST. I'm happy to report we stayed out until 3am Vegas time #champs!

// I changed in the bathroom airport and rocked a headband to hide my non showered hair. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to look good in Vegas. #takeabathhippy

// I was blown away by our free upgrade in our hotel room. For whatever reason the concierge at Treasure Island decided to give us an upgrade to this amazing strip view. #asknoquestions

// Our visit to Hash House A Go Go was incredible, as always. If you visit one food place in Vegas, make it Hash House!!!

// I enjoyed playing tourist by the pirate ship.

// We finally bought our one year anniversary present. Since the first year's gift is paper, Le Husband and I decided to buy a new painting together to add to our other Tom Everhart piece. We were walking in the mall and Le Husband made a beeline for the art gallery, which I thought was strange. Until I saw the amazing pieces. It took us awhile, but we settled on this adorable Snoopy and Woodstock painting. I can't wait to hang it in our apartment.

Isn't it lovely?!?! Proud new owners… #cheesesohard

// I was mega geeked to go to the Battlefield Vegas shooting range. Le Husband had been talking about it forever, and it sounded like a fun way to spend time on our Friday.

// I was uber impressed with Le Husband's shooting abilities. I did well myself, but he kicked major butt.

// I was a bit overwhelmed with the MP5 automatic feature, but was highly impressed with how well I handled the firepower of the sniper rifle. #shootinggunsisfun
Glock 17; MP5; Remington 870; Remington 700

// I snapped this picture in the elevator because I loved how the dress looked. I haven't worn it in forever and it made me look tiny! #classyiknow

// Our dinner at the Top of the World restaurant in the Stratosphere was one of my favorite meals of the weekend. The food was delicious, the view was incredible and obviously the company was fantastic. If you're a foodie, I highly suggest going to this restaurant. Just be aware the top moves and you'll definitely feel weird the first fifteen minutes or so, but then it becomes old hat. 

// I lost our amazing professional picture we bought from TOTW and I'm still angry about it. I plan to call the restaurant and see if we can get a reprint, because y'all, it was one of the best pictures [minus our wedding pictures] we've ever taken together. DRATDRATDRAT!

// I'm still extremely bitter about our loss in the tournament. We made it through a very tough day of competition, only to lose by one run in the finals. YES! The finals. WE lost 10Gs by one run. ONE RUN because people didn't play the way they should have and someone lost the ball in the lights. UGH! #bitterbuspartyofone.

// I can't even say, 'It's okay, I still love my team' because it's been a mess this season. We had a good run, the outcome blows.

// Sunday Le Husband rocked it out on the roulette table. Our lucky #21 hit, twice, which was fun. We didn't win too much, but he kept money which I consider a win.

// I was in the air during the Cowboys DOMINATION of the Seahawks. I rocked my tshirt, but I missed out on the fun. #superbummedbutIlltakethewin.

// We had the two smoothest flights in the world and I'm so thankful I didn't have a freak out moment.

// I worked from home on Monday because I was so tired. So happy to have an understanding boss, that doesn't ask questions. #yesididworkbutalsotookanap

// This Vegas trip was one of my favorites, despite the kickball outcome.

// I still haven't recapped last year's Vegas trip. Maybe I'll do that next week, just for kicks?

So there you go, ladies. My Las Vegas trip in a confessions post. If you're looking to head to Vegas, shoot me an email and I'll give you an even more detailed version of our trip, if you want. I always feel like death when I leave Sin City, but it's always a fun experience.


  1. It seriously sounds like SOOO much fun!! I love that y'all went straight to the bar, that you bought a painting for the one year, and that dress looks amazing on you!! You are tiny, so of course it makes you look tiny ;)

  2. Sounds like it was an awesome trip!! I've only been to Vegas once and we did it the Bachelorette party way - your recap made me want to go back with Gary and eat and see shows and do lots of other fun stuff!! A free upgrade is always welcome!! xo

  3. Lucky!! We never get upgraded when we stay in Vegas, ugh!
    Your pink dress is my fave! You look gorgeous, of course!!
    Love the painting!
    And now we need to plan a Vegas trip sans Mia so that we can spend our day at this shooting range and go dancing at night, ha!

  4. So glad you had a good time! Despite the loss, boo :( Looove that pink dress on you and I didn't realize Hash House A Go Go was a chain?! There is one in Chicago and it is sooo delicious!

  5. Sounds like a fun trip!! Loving that pink dress on you :) and yay for staying out late. I don't know if I can do that anymore haha

  6. Sounds like it was a great trip! Vegas is so much fun. Love love your pink dress!!

  7. That dress looks gorg on you!! I'm still missing Vegas...and this post didn't help...TAKE ME BACK! haha

  8. Oh gosh we've totally done the whole "bring our suitcases to the bar" thing! I swear every trip we've ever taken we're severely delayed and end up looking a hot mess by time we meet our friends!

  9. Boo on the loss, but yay for a cowyboy's win!

  10. Sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you still had fun! I love your Snoopy painting, what a fun anniversary present! That pink dress is adorable and you look fabulous!

  11. I'm glad you had a great time in Vegas. I hope that restaurant is able to find your pic!

  12. That looks amazing! So glad you had a good time!

  13. What an amazing trip! You both look so happy!! <3

  14. Too bad we don't live closer because I feel like we'd be awesome friends! I was just looking on Groupon yesterday for deals to head to the range.

  15. I like all the guest appearance picture of le husband in this one! Love that pink dress girl you looked fabulous in it!

  16. I love Vegas! I still have never been to the stratosphere but I hear it's lovely. I also have not been to Hash House and we have one where I live. It's always so crowded. Sorry you lost but hooray for pretty dresses that make you look tiny!

  17. I died at the wash your hair hippy comment. Hahaha!

  18. Welcome back! So pretty in pink and loving the headband.

  19. How fun! I am the same way. I don't announce that we will be gone til we get back. Friends and family know - in case something happens- but I might as well open the door to the house with a giant sign for thieves to have ease at robbing us. (maybe I went overboard on the description)

    Anyway, it has been a while since we have been to Vegas and this post makes me want to go! I haven't been to Top of the World but we have a place called the Compass Room in Az and it also rotates. It is spectactular!

  20. You and Karly make me want to book a trip to Vegas! You look great in your pink dress girl! Glad you had fun :)

  21. So sorry you guys didn't win:( Boo. But, on the flip side, you did get to go to Vegas, and came home with a little treasure for your apartment, so I'd still call the trip a definite win:) And now I'd like to visit Vegas myself!!!

  22. I love the Hash House yumm, and you are rockin' that dress.

  23. This looked like such a fun little trip! Sorry you didn't win...Hopefully next year!

  24. It looks like you had a blast in Vegas! Love it there. I've always wanted to go to a shooting range, it looks like a lot of fun'

  25. Oh my gosh this looks like a blast! I've never been but these pics are fab! ps- pink is cleeaarrrly your signature color, you rocked that dress girl! xoxo

  26. looks like you two had a super fun time!

    a possible fantasy
    if you follow me via bloglovin', please let me know so i can follow back. thank you ♥

  27. Dang it! I was hoping this post was going to end with "we won $10k!!!" :( Sorry friend! Sounds like a fun trip though! That pink dress is SO PRETTY!

  28. Trip DOES look like he's going on a trip!!! <3

  29. Sounds like an awesome trip! I have never been to Vegas before.

    That Snoopy print is amazing!!!!!!!! My husband is obsessed with Snoopy!


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