October 17, 2014

You Five, Are My Favorite[s]

Morning, kit kats. We made it to Friday, hopefully unscathed and now it's time to prepare for the 'freaking weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fuuunnn"! This time last week I was chilling in Vegas, and while I wish I was still there, I am pretty exited for this coming weekend. I'm going to see my BFFER, watch some soccer, clean the apartment and enjoy some lazy time, too. Fun right?!? Do you have any awesome plans this weekend?

Sadly, before we actually get to our fun weekend plans, we have to get through today. I hope your Friday isn't too cuckoo-bird and flies by. Let's get started, with some Friday favorites, shall we?


Favorite outfit of the week: New clothes make me happy and a whole new outfit makes me jump for joy. Well, maybe not jump for joy, just snap a picture for the bliggity-blog. I love, love, love my new leopard top, it's my new favorite statement piece [which makes it hard to wear a lot, since it's such a statement] and I loved how this whole look came together. Want to get this look? I've included the Loft links below, happy shopping!
Leopard Top: Here || Jeans: Here || Shoes: Here
Favorite quote of the week: I saw this quote a few days ago, with the #blogtober linkup and man, did it resonate with me. I can't please everyone but I can consistently show my true character and live with an open heart, so those that continually talk badly about me look like the fools. #jokesonyou
Favorite picture of the week: My Cowboy's are kicking MAHJOR HINEY this year and I'm so, freakin' stoked. It's been hard the past few years, but starting 5-1 has been amazing. Knocking OFF the Seahawks and the Saints was incredible and I just hope we can rock the Giants and deadskins in the coming weeks. I'm sure Romo will do something stupid, in some future game, but right now I'm reveling in a fabulous season. Oh and you KNOW I'm rubbing it in to all my DC friends. #deadskinsstink

Favorite funny of the week: I died when I saw this on pinterest. A short joke and taco joke in one, so hilarious!
Favorite mail moment of the week: I did the happy dance when I received my BOFF's wedding invitation in the mail earlier this week. They are super beautiful and fun and I immediately put the invite on our fridge. I also immediately put our response in the mail, because I know the stress those invites can cause. I used to be the later RSVPer for weddings, but now, after dealing with the drama of late invites, our response is back in the mail the day we receive the invitation.

**linking up here, here here, and here this week**

Have a fabulous day and a kicking weekend friends!


I haven't been great at this whole #blogtober thing, but I'm trying, y'all. I did manage to get my post together for today, wooho! linking up with tay and helene, for today's prompt of "I'm an expert at..."

I'm an expert at...

// painting my nails and immediately chipping the polish off.

// being lazy when I need to be productive.

// getting lost in a really good book.

// french braids.

// finding the good in situations.

// baking cookies and cream Oreo cupcakes.

// writing thank you notes.

// being a cheerleader for my friends.

// not slurping my food.

// procrastination.

// smiling no matter what. #itsmyfavorite

What are you an expert at?!


  1. Great top! I love it! And we are an expert at many of the same things:)

  2. that outfit is super cute, i am glad you dressed it down with jeans, that made the perfect look.

    can you come clean my house too? Please? WIth a cross country move of 1900kms i have to get rid of a lot, trying to go through it on my own is flippin hard though! I have no motivation, 7 months goes by fast when you work 7 days a week lol.

  3. Love your outfit - so cute!! I seriously love the RSVP card that your friend used - so pretty!! That funny was exactly how I wanted to start my Friday so thank you!!! Happy weekend!

  4. Smiling's my favorite:) It's almost Elf season, yay! Loving your leopard top. Get on with your bad self, girl! Happy weekend! :)

  5. I love that quote! My grandma used to say it all the time. Smart lady. I'm also an expert at getting lost in good books and procrastinating.Usually at the same time! lol

  6. lol at the i need a taco!! that cracked me up! happy weekend to you! and happy bday weekend to meeeee!

  7. This post makes me adore you even more from that top/shoes to that quote but then I saw something....Tony...ughhh I'm a skins fan (which is tough every year) but Cowboys fan?? ewww hahaha I still love you though! Have fun with the bestie this weekend and take pics!

  8. Yay for RSVP which I have now... Yeah know I have never been one for leopard prints on top. Shoes, yes, maybe a skirt. but not on top. Perhaps the baby hump needs some leopard. And yeah let's go 'boys, its been so long since I have been able to say that! Have a super weekend and love you!!

  9. What a cute outfit! Happy Friday!

  10. Love your leopard top! So cute! And your friend's RSVP cards are so pretty! I used to be a late RSVP'er too but planning a wedding changes that! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  11. Such a cute outfit!! Love that quote!! Have a fab weekend.

  12. I LOVE your outfit, you look fabulous!

    Yay for good football seasons! It heals the wounds of the not so good ones! ;)

  13. I'm an expert at:
    *starting and then not finishing thank-you notes until three weeks later :/
    *forgetting names to ballet moves
    *eating my vegetables!
    <3 that top, did you buy an extra one in a larger size for me to borrow?

  14. Love your outfit and that quote is a GREAT one! Happy Friday :)

  15. Love how those RSVP cards look! Taller people really should be hired because no one likes to hear they can't have a taco hah. Happy weekend :)

  16. I am the same way with RSVPs now. I used to wait until last minute, but now after the drama with our invites and all of that, I send them ASAP!

    Beardy Heart Beauty

  17. Super cute leopard shirt! LOL at the taller staff note!

  18. Love your new outfit! Leopard is my favorite color next to glitter! :)

    And I love that quote! It is awesome! I am laughing over that taco emergency plead. I feel for them! Sometimes you just need a taco!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  19. French braids is a very practical thing to be good at! :)

    That quote really hits close to home right now--a long-time family friend recently has had some mental troubles and has been going around talking badly about my mom--which stings, because, I mean, there's a reason that "your mom" is a classic insult. But it is very comforting that everyone knows immediately that whatever this lady says is just crazy talk, since they know the kind of person my mom is.

  20. lol at that taco joke. hilarious! super cute outfit girlfran - have a good weekend!

  21. Love that leopard top! Also, I'm jealous that you're an expert in writing thank you cards... I always have so much trouble with them!

  22. Loove your outfit!! I am the same way though with statement pieces - love them SO much but, can't wear it as much as I want to! & Woo Hoo for ANOTHER Cowboys win today!!! So awesome!! Hope you had a great weekend chicka!!

  23. LOVVVVVVVVVVE that shirt!!! I might need to add it to my closet. :)

  24. Love your outfit!! That top is fantastic. Have a great weekend.

  25. I love that quote! One of my favorites!

  26. Cute outfit and I love that quote!!

    You are an expert at baking cream Oreo cupcakes?!!! OMG!!! My co-worker's wife used to make these Oreo cake pops.... sooo good!

    Getting lost in a book and procrastination are some things I do well too! Oh, and not slurping - I hate that.


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