September 14, 2012

Furious Friday

First, I'm not that furious, just mildly annoyed.

But, mildly annoyed Friday doesn't have quite the ring to it.

So, hello Furious Friday!
I apologize if that is inappropriate wording. I don't understand it ;)

I am FURIOUS over the gross invasion of privacy by a french magazine, regarding Princess Kate. Those rude photogs used a telescopic lens to take pictures of her sunbathing sans top, and now plan to publish them online and in their magazine. ARE.YOU.KIDDING!? Grossly disgusted over here. I feel so badly for Kate. She is a great role model for young women and now there are pictures of her on the Internet that were not intended to ever be seen. She is a young, beautiful, married woman that expected privacy in her own villa and instead a peeping jaques invaded her privacy and has the potential to embarrass her and the Royal family. Shameful I tell you, shameful.

I am FURIOUS I have not been able to access Pinterest from work. The site is NOT disabled, but is running on some sort of 'incombatibility' form and therefore I can not view any pins. Not really something I can call IT about huh?

I am FURIOUS we have a commander in chief with a Jelloish backbone. Our foreign policy is going the way of American parenting, pampering and giving way to children instead of punishing them. I'm SURE those heinous men, who attacked, tortured for 9 hours and killed our American ambassador and 3 others are really scared of you [insert sarcasm here]. How about instead of playing nice, you yank support away from their country until they find and capture the perpetrators [or just have a repeat of the Pakistan debacle, your choice]. Then send them to Gitmo...oh wait you closed that down....nice move smooth operator. I guess you could just invite them to the White House for tea and then slap them on the wrist?!?! Yeah, I figured you'd agree with that approach. GROW A PAIR dude!

I am FURIOUS with our liberal media. Everyone is still talking about how Romney may have mouthed off too quickly against Obama's camp, before knowing an American was killed. But how many of you know that our American was tortured for 9 hours after capture? How many of you know that he went back to try and save those trapped? No one? Figures, let's liberally blame the conservative for actually speaking out, genius!

I am FURIOUS teachers in Chicago felt the need they had to strike. Stop, take a moment to read that again before you get upset. I am UPSET they felt the need to strike because they aren't getting what they deserve. Professional athletes make millions for catching, throwing, kicking a stupid ball but the teachers of our FUTURE generations barely make enough to support themselves. If only money were the only issue. Now, teachers are being held accountable for stupid lazy kids. If a kid gets a bad grade, the teacher MUST be the one who is doing something wrong! Are you effing kidding me?! Parents, please learn to hold your children accountable....oh vey!

 Okay, rants over for today! Thanks for listening and as always, yes I DO understand there are much worse things I could be furious over. My space, my whining, but trust me, ALL is in perspective!

Happy happy Friday loves! While looking for an image for this post I came across these pictures. If you are having a bad day or need a laugh, check em out. I DIE!


  1. I totally agree with you about the teachers...but you know that. Priorities in this country need to change, on sooooo many levels.

  2. Right on girl friend, right on.

  3. I too am furious about all of these things! I a) don't want hubby to feel backlash in Afghanistan and b) I don't want him to just get sent to another war zone instead of coming home. Boo for all of this going on.

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