September 12, 2012

Would You Rather Wednesday

Source: via Mari on Pinterest

WOULD YOU RATHER............

Live near the beach or the lake?

Vacation in the Caribbean or Alaska?

Eat the same thing everyday for a month or not be allowed to repeat anything for a month?

Bungee jump or sky dive?

Go 55 stories up in a building or 55 stories down into the ground?

Be able to be invisible or be able to fly?

Buy shoes or clothes?

Lose weight from diet or from exercise?

Have a ton of fun friends that you aren't close with or a few quiet very close friends?

Be gifted diamond earrings on your birthday or flowers everyday for a year?

Go to the theatre or the opera?

Walk on the beach at night or go to a club?

Visit Disney World or New York City?

Only be able to read blogs or only be able to write a blog?

Snow ski or snow board?

Go to the Winter or the Summer Olympics?

Attend a World Cup Final or the Super Bowl?

Come visit me or have me come visit you? ;)

Linking up with Jaime for Wednesday Walkabout!


  1. Fun post! Just a few: I'd rather live near the beach, visit the Caribbean, have a few very close friends, be gifted diamond earrings, go to the Summer Olympics.

    Buy shoes or clothes? That one I can't decide :)

  2. Love this!! I would def live near a beach and want to loose wight from diet! lol

  3. Wow, tons of choices! I like the idea of this post--welldone :)

  4. Love this idea... but I want your answers! HAHAHAHA

  5. Hi there, here from the blog hop!

    Great idea for a post!! I want your answers too! ;)

  6. Some of those questions are hard to answer. Love the post though!

    Stopping by with the Walkabout!

  7. Where are your answers? Fun activity, though :)

  8. seriously one of my favorite books!

    No repeats!
    Sky dive
    55 stories up
    exercise (dieting is hard!)
    few close friends (well plus lots of blog friends)....ok clearly i need this book!!



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