September 20, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

There's a lot going on in Pinkland today, so a list post it is.

1} You can find me *HERE*, linking up with Erin of "Living in Yellow". She's doing an "I Believe" link up, and since I loved my "I Believe" post back in August, I thought, recycle!!! WOOHOO!

2} Yesterday, was the 25 year anniversary of BabySpice being born. And, as much as Sportyspice and I tease her, we are happy she came to be [pineapple ornament?]! Mama B cooked a delicious dinner birthday dinner last night and I am still stuffed. My diet suffered a little though, because BabySpice requested my mother's [greatgrandmother's] famous Oreo icecreamcake dessert. I'm so mad I didn't take a picture, but OH EM MOUTHWATERING GOSH, sooooooooooo goooood!
1] Flank steak, homemade crabcakes, tots, asparagus, spinach strawberry salad
2] I believe a girl she get 3 things on her 25th bday: Chocolate, Champagne and Flowers
3]Family at Birthday dinner
4] Presents for Babyspice

Goober head wanted some short hair pictures!
3] Normally today would be a Healthy Linkup post, but man, my working out has been all over the place. Usually, if I make a plan I can stick to it, but recently with my ankle I haven't been able to like I want. C and I are working out a few mornings a week, but that hasn't been doing much for me. What's frustrating me the most is I'm eating clean, not STRICTLY clean, but pretty darn clean [minus the cake last night]. Very little to no processed foods, lean proteins, very few carbs and lots of veggies and fruit, but STILL no change in clothing or weight. I'm frustrated beyond belief. After my tourney this weekend it's on like donkey kong. Cardio will become my new best friend!

4] Yes, I have another kickball tourney this weekend, woot woot! I'm super excited to head up north and kick some booty. This will be an interesting tourney because our team is traveling very light and there are a TON of good teams attending. Hopefully the team can pull another win out of the hat and come home Champs! I've got two ankle braces so, say a prayer or cross your fingers for me!

5] I am the WORST packer EVER! Trust me, you've read about it before. But, this time I'm going to say the weather is at fault. With fall JUST around the corner [jerk] and since I am heading north I have NO IDEA what to pack. It's only for a few days, but packing layers is NOT my thing. I'm used to throwing on a sundress, flips and then I'm ready to rock and roll. Being high maintenance is so annoying sometimes ;)!
6] Le Beau and I were talking last night and OHMIWORD, after this weekend our lives are gonna hit a nonstop pace. We have so many things coming up in the fall, I'm really not going to catch my breath until after Thanksgiving! But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm excited to have C by my side during all our fun adventures!

That's it for me today! I hope you have a GREAT Thursday and weekend! <3>


  1. Love these thoughts! :) And I must say... I'm dying over all the pink that you packed. You're so cute. :) :) :)

  2. Good luck with the packing--I feel your pain on this weird weather. I never know what to wear to work!! Packing is way worse.
    Love the pick of you and C! Nice to have a partner in your busy-ness :)

  3. That's looks a packing job I would do!! I suck at it and always have waaayyyy too much!!

  4. I can never ever make outfits in advance for packing. How do people plan that shit out? I absolutely cannot determine what I will want to wear 4 days into the future.

  5. Glad Babyspice and the family had a fun little celebration! The Oreo dessert sounds scrumptious.

    And I'm terrible at packing too! Always over pack, it never fails :)

  6. packing gives me the worst anxiety & last night when you posted this picture I seriously started getting anxiety for you hahaha! i cant pack for the life of me either! gooood luck this weekend for kickball!! how exciting!! XO

  7. WEE WEE WEEEEEE good luck at your tournament and i hopeeeee we get to see each other!!!

    that present all beautifully gift wrapped is AMAZEBALLS. seriously love the paper and lil decoration!!

    and look at you in that last pic. OW OW GIRL


  8. I'm so on your list of things to do before Thanksgiving! WhoopWhoop! Happy Birthday Baby Spice!! PS. You get a shoutout on the blog tomorrow! Love you!

  9. my goodness you are one busy lady!!

    girlfriend i am SO with you on the workout/healthy SOO with you. i literally have dieted/exercised for years and my number never moves. grrrrr!!

    BUT you and you bf look beyond amazing!

  10. You are so adorable! I think I tell you that every time, but gosh, every picture of you is precious.


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