September 11, 2012


Today marks the 11th anniversary of September 11th 2001.

Today, 11 years ago a heinous man orchestrated a heinous terrorist attack, killing thousands of innocent Americans and people from all over the world.

That man is DEAD, and I honestly have no sympathy for him or his family.

September 11th always evokes many emotions for me.
Sadness, utter disbelief, empathy, sympathy, hate, anger, distress, fear and TEARS upon TEARS.

I cry for those lives lost. I cry for those left behind. I cry for the firefighters who died trying to save others. I cry for the firefighters who live today, without their brothers. I cry for the police. I cry for the military. I cry for the leaders and the decisions they had to make 11 years ago. I cry for America.

I also get ANGRY at Americans. I am ANGRY because so many people have forgotten. I am angry because SO MANY PEOPLE want to forget.

I get SOOO SOOO SOOO MAD when I see facebook status or blog posts saying and I quote,
"I'm tired of seeing programs about September 11th".

I'm sorry....but WHAT THE F*&^!

Why don't you call up the widow who's husband died in the World Trade center and say that to her face? Oh wait, because that would be wrong. Personally, I think even thinking that statement is wrong, but obviously there are people who don't agree with me.

We need to remember, because we need to honor those lost. Everyone writes about how they remember where they were and what was happening, but do you remember on September 15th? November 1st? April 23rd?!?! Because you should remember.

I have a friend who has an alarm that goes off every day at 9:11am and 9:11pm. I think TV stations and radio stations should do the same. Make Americans remember what they have and how quickly life can change.

Last year I wrote how September 11th should be a movement and not a day. I hope today, y'all take a moment and remember. Remember those lost, remember America's fighting spirit and remember you ARE ALIVE so do something amazing today in honor of those that can't.





  1. Well said, Pinky!!! Who would ever write that they are sick of seeing 9/11 specials on TV? They should be ashamed! :( That makes me sad and angry too!

  2. Great post! I love it. I know that we will never forget what happened but we have to remember!

  3. Love this, esp the alarm that your friend does. Cried like a babe reading it.

    Thank you.

  4. People really put negative statuses like that? I would unfriend them or possibly punch them in the face. I love you and I love your passion! Happy Patriot Day!

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