September 5, 2012

I'm Happy and I Know it

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

I'm Happy and I know it because...

 I am not a 'Real Housewife". Their priorities seem all over the place and there is too much drama.

 I'm a girl. Boys smell funny and are gross.

The summer time heat is still ever present. Heat is better than cold in my book.

 I can buy $200 shoes if I wanted. Doesn't mean I DO, but I'm happy I can afford small luxuries.

 The bar is over for Babyspice. She's been such a stress ball studying and I'm happy she can go back to enjoying life.

NFL FOOTBALL starts today.

My family lives close together.


Smores exist in the world.

Wine exists too. Wine makes life so much better.

I am back on track running and working out.

I finally gave myself a manicure.

I'm wearing my jersey at work today.

There are less than 6 months till CHRISTMAS & SANTA!

I live near a fabulous farmer's market. Fresh organic food/flowers are the best.

I am well, alive, have a home and a job and amazing family and friends.

What makes you HaPpY today!?!?!?


  1. All good reasons to be happy! Keep it up, sunshine! :)

  2. I am so so happy Football is back, smores exist, and wine exists! Happy Hump Day!

  3. Alright so we are officially not friends anymore. Giants > Cowboys.

  4. That is an adorable, amazing post. It made me all kinds of happy :) You are adorable!!

  5. I love all of these!! :) And I LOVE ME A HAPPY PINKY! hahahaha

  6. today is jersey and jeans day at our office too! unfortunately (for me) all my gametime attire says "cocks" on it...not so work appropriate!

    so glad you are back to running muffin AND that you live close to family AND that smores exist. I have met two people in my life who did not even know what smores!

    And your blog makes me happy! :)

  7. Lots of good reasons to be happy!

    I cannot believe Christmas is less than 6 months away! I seriously need to start some shopping!

  8. Yay for the bar being over! I can only imagine how happy she is to be done with it. I am also so happy that you mentioned Christmas. I am happy that I'm not the only one counting down already ;) You can also add that I'm coming to B'more to the list now! It's official AND you have been tagged in my status on FB. Haha.


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