August 18, 2014

An "Above Average" Weekend

WOOHOO, another week, another dollar right?!?!

This was our first weekend local in the past two weeks and this weekend I...

…played a full soccer game, without subs. #myfeetstill hurt

…scored three goals, but we still lost.

…enjoyed an incredibly lazy Saturday morning with Le Husband. #heaven

…caught one of my favorite movies with my morning coffee #robinwilliams

…completed a gym workout, inside and outside.

…reached a new high on bench, 105 pounds, baby!!!


…went on a double date with my parents for dinner at Ray's the Steaks.

…indulged in some divine steaks and sides .
28oz steak, lobster mac and cheese, mushrooms, potatoes and creamed spinach. #delish
…forgot to take a picture of our amazing key lime pie and chocolate mousse.

…devoured it too fast.

…went to a bar to celebrate a gym colleagues birthday.

…felt incredibly welcome from the host and the birthday boy.

…was told, by another gym colleague that I was "above-average at the gym, but all done up you're beautiful". #backhandedcompliment #yourekiddingright #toomanydrinks

…did Le Husband proud and just smiled instead of getting pissy.

…sipped on multiple delicious black cherry mojitos.

…made Le Husband take a bar selfie.

…loved my tie-dyed maxi dress and wedges outfit.

…walked the mile home from the bar and loved the cool evening weather.

…passed out, quickly.

…forgot to set my alarm for church, Sunday morning.

…ran errands and prepped for the week.

…did laundry and cleaned the apartment.

…watched a ton of Premier League soccer.

How was your weekend? Anything fun happen? 

Hope you have a fabulous Monday and rest of the week. 


  1. That backhanded compliment was something else - too funny!

    Love that you went on a double date with your parents - so sweet and the food looks delicious!

    Hope you have a great Monday! xo

  2. That is so cute that you went on a double date with your parents.
    Looks like it was a fab weekend. The backhanded compliment is too funny.

  3. Oh, man the backhanded compliment - not sure if I would have slapped the guy or laughed. Ha! You handled it well:) Glad you got to have a semi-relaxing weekend at home with the hubs. You guys have been uber busy lately, so I know you enjoyed it!

  4. oh my goodness, that compliment - too funny!

    Sounds like a fun weekend with good food, family and friends and that mojito - yum!!

  5. OOOh all of that food. That steak. Now I'm drooling lol

  6. Cute dress! After one too many mojitos in Florida im not sure i will ever drink one again. Sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend. xoxo

  7. yay for 3 goals, boo for losing, lol.
    um what the fudge above average? i would have backhanded him right back, but with my fist. lol.

  8. yup my weekend def paled in comparison to yours! so much fun jam packed!

  9. OMG that steak... yummmm! And love that maxi dress, so pretty!!

    <3, Pamela

  10. My girls caught Aladdin on TV this weekend, too. They only saw about 15 minutes of it...but, it was so worth taking a minute to listen to Robin William's voice play the genie again.

  11. yeaaa that compliment haha looks like a great weekend! Way to go on the game and goals too!!

  12. That steak dinner, oh my! I'll always watch Aladdin if I catch it on :)

  13. Gotta love backhanded compliments ;) I had a lady at my work that was famous for them and it's safe to say I won't be missing her! That steak dinner looks absolutely amazing and love the husband selfie! Where are you guys headed for your anniversary trip?!

  14. Sounds like such a great weekend besides that backhanded compliment. Lol...just why???

  15. Aladdin is definitely one of my top Disney movies, too!
    I'm not a mojito girl but black cherry?! That sounds DELICIOUS!

  16. Whoa, busy weekend! But it sounds like so much fun!

  17. I've been craving steaks for awhile now! Those look so yummy.

    Yay! for Robin Williams' movie! I had a full blown movie marathon :)

    Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks for linkin' up <3

  18. yay for the one year anniversary trip! where are you guys going?

    Vodka and Soda

  19. Here lately, I've been loving pretty much anything and everything that is tie-dyed!!!! I duno what my obsession is. Im loving that dress (and wedges are always a nice touch!)


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