August 6, 2014



Happy hump day, kids! Let's start confessing, shall we?!?! *whatupkathy*

I confess .:. Copy cats drive me bonkers! Y'all know what I'm talking about right? The coworker that adopts your format, the friend that claims your friends for theirs, or the blogger that just so happens to copy posts and linkups. Yes, I understand copying is the biggest form of flattery, but sometimes, enough is enough. Have your OWN ideas, get your OWN friends and find your OWN linkups and blogs to read. #rantover

I confess .:. The amount of support I've already received regarding the Monthly Motivation makes me super giddy. It's my first link up and I'm super stoked other people [besides my two awesome linkup buddies] think it's a good linkup idea. Please mark your calendars, for Tuesday, August 26th and come linkup your posts.

I confess .:. I'm seriously considering taking a beginners ballet class this fall. I always wanted to dance, but other sports always got in the way of picking up something new. I have two different friends [advanced/beginner] that are taking ballet and that might be the nudge I need to jump into something different. I've also heard about the amazing flexibility and ankle benefits too. Now...about those leotards, eep!

I confess .:. I ate an ice cream sandwich before dinner last night. It was divine.

I confess .:. I wanted to stand up and applaud the author of this article yesterday.  "Life Isn't Fair" by Lisa Morguess fantastic and I hope moms all over the internet really take to heart her words. Obviously I'm not a mother [yet], but I found myself nodding to almost every one of Lisa's points. Children in this day in age are extremely entitled and grow up into adults that flip out when things don't go their way. Her "Be hopeful, be strong and be resilient" points are right on and are things I hope to teach my children one day.

I confess .:. Even though babies and pregnancies seem to be popping up EVERYWHERE, I'm still quite content being a DINK. I know the 'urge or fever' will appear someday, but even though I'm 31, I'm still happy with my two person family :)!

I confess .:. I had more fun playing in Denver, on a team made up of players from other teams in our league, than I've had with my own team, all year. The Eskimos raised the bar on camaraderie, talent and fun and I have no problems telling anyone and everyone how much fun I had, without my team.
I confess .:. I'm probably more excited than I should be for the return of "DCC Making the Team". Every year I look forward to watching the show and I even stalk the twitter accounts of current members during tryouts. I already know the veterans that were cut and I'm getting excited to know the new girls. If I could go back in time, I'd learn to dance, just to try and wear that uniform!

I confess .:.  I can't believe a week from tomorrow is my one year wedding anniversary! That's just crazy, crazy, crazy! Time flies when life is fabulous!


  1. Go be a ballerina! What a fun new way to be active!

  2. YES! Sometimes I think something is wrong with me, I get so annoyed at people who copy what I do!

  3. boo that people are copying you! i don't really get copied but i guess i copy (especially yesterday's post.... oops hope this isnt directed at me lol)
    that dakota fanning gif is perfect! i always wanted to be a ballerina, so you should do it for the both of us ;)

  4. Gary calls us DINK's too - and yes a two person family for right now is just fine!! I absolutely love DCC and I''m so happy you reminded me that it's back on!! Not sure why I love watching this show because I wasn't a cheerleader growing up lol! Hope you have a wonderful day and yay for almost your one year anniversary! xo

  5. I need to find a ballet for beginners class in South Africa I would love to do ballet!!!

  6. Happy early anniversary! And you should definitely go be a ballerina! Rock that tutu girl! :)

    <3, Pamela

  7. fun fact... my good friend was on DCC making the team a few seasons ago! she actually got pretty far but she left the show bc it was just too much with her full time job! and you should totally take a ballet class!

  8. i'll keep being a gf without a wedding or baby and be just finnnnnne!

  9. i'll keep being a gf without a wedding or baby and be just finnnnnne!

  10. I love being a DINK. It's time though, my eggs aren;t getting any younger. :)

  11. That's definitely frustrating when someone copycats you.
    Do the ballet class! That sounds like so much fun!
    I wonder how fun it is to be a Cowboys cheerleader? Their outfits are pretty freaking cute!
    Happy almost one year wedding anniversary!!

  12. bloggers copying shit from other bloggers? RIDICULOUS. i get that 'imitation is the best form of flattery' but goddammit, USE YOUR OWN BRAIN and come up with shit on your own!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  13. Yay another DCC lover!! I watched the first episode last night On Demand and I'm already obsessed! Love that Melissa Rycroft is judging!

  14. can't believe you've almost been married for a year! mind-blowing!!

    and i love reality tv. i just had a 10-minute text convo with some bloggies about teen mom caitlin being pregnant. haha

    ok off to read this mom/life isn't fair article - sounds right up my alley!

  15. Almost anniversary, woo!! I think taking a ballet class would be SO fun!!

  16. Your wedding dress is gorgeous!
    My daughters are in ballet and I honestly make them teach me all the steps..I love it. haha

  17. Love that ballerina GIF :)
    Barre class is the closest thing for me to being a ballerina, haha. You take those classes girl!

  18. Happy upcoming wedding anniversary. Hope it's great!
    Those bratty entitled kids give me job security. As a 911 dispatcher, I get to field the calls from those kids and their parents. (Although in all sincerity, I wish more kids were taught that life isn't always fair).


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