August 19, 2014

Easy Fish Tacos {Recipe Files}

Alright ladies, here's the super delicious and easy recipe I promised you. I'm thrilled so many of you are excited, makes me feel all chefy ;)! I will warn you, a lot of this is preference oriented with it comes to baking, measurements and ingredients. Feel free to substitute as you wish. 

Any kind of white fish [We used Mahi-Mahi and I'd highly suggest it over other fish. But, it isn't a MUST. Try and buy fish responsibly when possible].
Cabbage [purple or green]
Red Onion
Guacamole [store bought or homemade]
Tortillas or tortilla substitute

Step 1: Shred the carrots [we did 6 baby carrots], slice the red onion [we did fajita-esque cuts, about 1/4 of an onion] and cut the cabbage. I chose to finely slice/chop the cabbage, but you could leave it in larger chunks if you want. I ended up using about two cups, which was perfect for five/six tacos. 

Step 2: Combine everything in a mixing bowl. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice of one lime over the slaw. Add in your Cilantro [we used about a 1/2 a teaspoon, but we love cilantro], salt, pepper to taste and mix together. Taste and add more seasoning to your preference. Once it's done, set to the side.

[start the fish first, then while it's cooking, get to work on your slaw]
Step 1: We chose to sear our Mahi on our cast-iron and then put it in foil in the oven. You can do the same, or just back the fish or just cook it on the stove. I told you, it's all about preference.

Step 2: After we seared the fish, we placed each filet in a tin-foil wrap and put a slice of lemon and lime on top for extra flavor. Place the packets into a 350 degrees preheated oven and cook until fish is done [we use our meat thermometer, but if you don't have one just cook until fish is flaky].

Building your taco: 
Step 1:  After the fish cools [don't burn yourself] cut it into bite size pieces and place on your tortilla [or substitute].

Step 2: Layer on the slaw and guac. I piled mine super high, but I'm all about the flavor.

Step 3: Devour and go back for seconds!

That's it, you're done. Easy, breezy, delcious, right?!?

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.



  1. This is like restaurant quality fish tacos!! I might go easy on the slaw - as in buy it pre made! I can't wait to try this!! xo

  2. I love fish tacos! Let me know next time you make these, and I'll so be over for dinner!

  3. Yum! I've been waiting for this. :)

  4. they definitely look and sound yummier than i thought!

  5. minus the cilantro i want to eat all of this!

  6. ummm 'pinning' hahaha as in winning! ok overly cracked myself up but yes this looks ah-mazing!

  7. I'm pretty much drooling over here. Fish tacos are my absolute favorite and I will definitely be giving these a try!

  8. That sounds amazing! Add some blackened seasoning, and I'm in!


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