August 7, 2014


[our life is currently kickball]
 Reading  lots of different books. Chocolate Chip Murder series [so fun],  Nora Roberts, Brad Meltzer and David Baldacci.

Trying not to stress over my face. I had a [free] laser treatment for my sun damage and while I'm excited for the results, the stage I'm at right now is no fun. I'm extremely conscious of the dark spots and am dreading the peeling to come because there's really no hiding my face. Fingers crossed for a quick easy process, pretty please!!!

Anticipating our one year wedding anniversary next month.

Buying lots of lunches. Our crazy traveling schedule has really messed up my pack lunch at home time. Hopefully after this weekend I'll be able to get back on track.

Lusting over my husband....gag too much....#sorryimnotsorry

Praying for my SIL and her family. An unexpected accident may bring about an unexpected death and my heart hurts for them all. Please pray for healing and a miracle, because it is desperately needed.

Enjoying my days off from the gym.

Cursing my lack of willpower in the recent week.

Listening to Bach, Chopin, Mozart and Vivaldi.

Annoyed with my brain's inability to just let things drop.

Watching Chopped, Top Chef, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives

Wishing I had more vacation days at work. We've had so many amazing trips this year, but I still have a few more scheduled, plus my first time traveling for Christmas. I just need three more days.

Devouring duck. I order it every time I see it on the menu.

Waking up tired. Too many fun things to do.

Loving everything about the warm summer weather.

Hating the turmoil in the Middle East and the death of the US Two Star General.

Wanting our kickball captain to get his ish together. He doesn't understand the women on the team and constantly hang us out to dry with playing time. It's driving me batty!

Hoping for a fun weekend.

Feeling content with life and the people I'm surrounded by, at this time. I always strive to keep good people around me, because your choice in friends let's you know who you are and what you value. Le Husband and I have a good group of friends and continue to expand our circle through kickball.


  1. Your music and palette are far more refined than mine :)

  2. Will be praying for your SIL & family! I cannot believe that y'all will have been married for 1 year already next month! INSANE!! Happy Early Anniversary!! :)

  3. fingers crossed for your face! that sounds weird but you know what i mean. i am so sorry about your SIL and family xo

  4. Hoping the laser treatment produces some pretty results with not too much peeling/ickiness! And praying for your SIL/family and the family of that General. So sad. I'm with you - hate all that turmoil! Wish people would just get along!

  5. I love that last one of feeling content :)

  6. I love food network shows too! :) Happy almost 1 year anniversary!

  7. I've also had a bit of a lack of willpower lately! It's no good!

  8. Can't believe your first anniversary is almost there. It feels like just a couple of months ago that you were posting all about the final wedding preparation :-) Keeping your family in my thoughts and hoping that the doctors manage to save your relative!

  9. Amazing feeling girl when you are content with life right? Talk about willpower as I'm eating work birthday cake right now....

  10. Saying a prayer for your SIL and her family!

  11. Prayers for you SIL and Family!


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