August 26, 2014

Monthly Motivation #1 {Recipe Files}

Today's the day, our wonderful link up day.
P!nk Persistence!
This linkup was created to help keep us on track and accountable for our fitness or health goals for the month. Here you can share your goals, struggles, plans for fitness and health or just share some new recipes you love or want to try. Whatever you wanna share, do it today :)!

Below are my monthly goals for September:
[I've highlighted the two I'm really trying to focus on]

+Three sets of eight pull-ups or two sets of fingertip pull-ups.
+Comfortably squat 135 pounds.
+Complete two a days at least twice a week.
I've been steadily lifting since January with Le Husband and have become significantly stronger, which shows when I flex. However, my weight and the inches haven't changed and that's frustrating me to no end. I want my arm muscles to show when I'm not flexing, instead of just looking big and I want to lose inches off of my stomach. In order to achieve these goals, I'm going to need to up my cardio, as I'm almost solely lifting with Le Husband. There is a gym right near my work and I'm going to go at lunch time just to do 20-30 minutes of cardio 2-4x a week. I did it last week and loved it, so hopefully I can stay on the wagon all through September.

+Consistently track my macros [I'm so bad at this].
+Stay on track on the weekends.
+Try two new healthy recipes.
 I've tried to track my macros this year and have failed, miserably both times, purely because I just didn't think it worked. However, it DOES work, you just have to track, measure and prep your food, which isn't as hard as it sounds. My Fitness Pal is awesome [be my friend here] and really helps track my portions along with my protein, carb and fat intake. I've been really diligent the past two weeks and I really want to see what a month of tracking can do for my body. My biggest struggle is finding the time to prep, if I don't take the time at the beginning of the week I usually fall of the wagon a day or two later. I know I won't see progress if I keep slipping up, so I'm going to try really hard to be diligent, all month.


Today, I also want to share one of my new favorite, healthy recipes, that I just kind of made up. I didn't boil my eggs one morning but knew I needed something for breakfast, so I threw this together on a whim. It's extremely filling and has a pretty awesome macro break down too.

[ Protein: 20g; Carbs: 9g; Fat: 11g]
1 cup Fage Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon honey
A few shakes of cinnamon

Step one: Put everything together, in a bowl, mix up and wait about twenty minutes before eating. You want the chia seeds to get plump [crunchy chia seeds are no fun] so you can make this the night before or at home and then eat it at work. Feel free to add in other mixin's if you prefer, fruits would taste delicious. 

I can't wait to read everyone's motivational posts.

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  1. Love your goals!! I'm really bad about tracking the little's almost like I don't think it counts...but it does LOL!

  2. love your goals! i used to track everything but i am not good when i track things, i go overboard and make myself sick - not good. that recipe looks like the perfect quick breakfast!

  3. oh macros.... my nemesis. That chia pudding looks yummy, its the one thing I have not tried. I have totally gotten off my macros lately and just ate what sounded good, and only having good stuff in the house. I need to lay off the sandwiches though!

  4. Stick with it, sweet friend! You can do it!!!:)

  5. Two a days!! That's awesome that you are making time for that. My husband usually makes my chicken and boils my eggs for the week on Sunday's. Without meal prep I'd be done for!! I've been eating Fage for a while and I'm interested in trying the chia seeds to pack in extra protein. It's hard to get it all in. I'm a macro counting junkie! I think once you get in the habit it will become part of your routine like anything else.

  6. These are great goals! The eating healthy is one I really need to get back into... not being on a normal schedule and trying to get rid of most of our food before the move has made for some VERY interesting meals!

  7. Awesome goals! I love trying to fit in two a days too, although it's difficult with a toddler. But sometimes I can sneak in a hike with him, and then hit the gym in the afternoon. Feels so good afterwards!


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