August 11, 2014

Operation Crush Nashville

Morning ladies! I'm back after another whirlwind kickball weekend. Yes, two in a row… again! And no, the kickball madness never stops!

This weekend I…

… Flew to Nashville Thursday night, on a delayed flight. 

… Drove to our friend's home and passed the beep out. 

… Slept in for the first time in forever…ah-mazing.

… Found a new favorite pancake at Cracker Barrel. 

… Spent the afternoon driving around Nashville, looking for potential future homes. :)

… Indulged in another delectably decadent meal. AMAZING! If you're ever in Nashville, you have to hit up Urban Grub for brunch or dinner, it is an incredible restaurant. 
Lobster BLT flatbread, lamb chops with purred cauliflower, homemade single chocolate meringue, homemade vanilla doughnuts and chocolate covered bacon. DIVINE! 
… Had a great time at the Friday night meet and greet. I love kickball friends.

… Woke up an hour late Saturday morning because my alarm didn't go off. Thank goodness we weren't too late. I felt horrible. 

… Got a lil grumpy about playing time, but everything worked out in the end. 

… Had two killer bunts and two awesome catches. 

… Beat a team I've never beaten before. #FINALLY! #YES!

… Rocked my new last name on our jersey's. Oh and camo pants too.

… Won my 3rd championship at my 7th tournament on my 5th team in nine months.
Operation CRUSH!!!
… Had way more fun on my team than expected. Hooray for good chemistry. 

… Chose to stay in with our friends instead of party on Broadway street. It was an amazing evening of steak, wine, dessert and wonderful chit-chat. Looking forward to see them more in the future.

… Became smitten with a certain two year old. Good morning and good night kisses from a lil baby boy may be the best thing in the world. 

… Didn't freak out on the flight home. YAY easy flights. 

… Had to drive to BWI after we landed at DCA because we forgot we booked two different airports to save $200.  

… Chose NOT to make it a big deal and just rolled with it. #goodattitudemakesallthedifference #whycomplain #therearegreaterthingsinlife.

… Cried for my SIL's family as they had to say goodbye to a very special person. Please continue to send prayers and love, they all need it.

… Made a wish on the super mooooooon!

… Skipped my 11pm game, because I was exhausted.

… Devoured Z burger and Ben&Jerry's. Healthy eating starts tomorrow.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Phew - I'm exhausted just reading that!! So happy you had a great time in Nashville...I've never been but I have to go!! Lobster BLT flatbread - YUM!! Happy Monday!

  2. what a weekend!! but you had fun though!

  3. gosh girl, you are always nonstop! i love it. that burger though... yum!

  4. You had a good weekend! Congrats!!! I too have diet starting today since I ate at random times the past week and ate yogurt for dinner.

  5. You had a good weekend! Congrats!!! I too have diet starting today since I ate at random times the past week and ate yogurt for dinner.

  6. OMG that sounds like such a busy weekend! But that food looks totally amazing... I'm jealous!

    <3, Pamela

  7. That food looks innsanely good, especially that burger at the end! Your weekend looks so insanely fun! Also, did I ever mention I tore my ACL playing kick ball in P.E. in 7th grade? It was INTENSE. :) xo

  8. Sounds like a busy, fun weekend!! Can't wait to hear more deets of y'all moving to Nashville!!

  9. What a busy -- but fun -- weekend! Nashville is such an amazing city!

  10. Holy busy-ness!! You and that kickball, girl. You're wearing me out! haha

  11. I'm reading people's recaps right now for the Weekly Wrap Up and so far I just read yours and Lora's (@Heart of Life) and you guys both went to Nashville! I've heard nothing but good things about it and hope to make it there myself some day soon.
    Congrats on winning the championship!!

  12. The food at Urban Grub looks pretty amazing! I'm dying to visit Nashville. Sounds like a cool city.

  13. Dannngggg girl! So much fun stuff!!

  14. Oh my gosh.... crazy weekend indeed! But SO fun! I'm dying to go to Nashville someday!

  15. Omg what a fun weekend! I love kickball! Um that burger looks divine right about now!

    <3 Shannon

  16. Looks like you had a fun weekend! The hubby and I have been dying to go to Nashville!!!
    Thanks for linking up :)
    Showered With Design

  17. Hello, I'm a new follwer. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend. can't wait to read more. :)

  18. I think you've fit more into this weekend than I have in a month! Drooling over that lobster flatbread... YUM! And congrats on the win!!

  19. stop with your matching outfits that is so dang cute!!!! I definitely need to make it to Nashville it's on my list!

  20. I am in awe of your stamina - the amount of traveling you guys do is crazy! Sounds like Nashville was so fun though:) And still praying for your SIL and her family. So sad:(

  21. What a crazy weekend! It looks like you had a blast and I seriously love those camo pants

  22. But are you really moving to Nashville?!? I visit Memphis for work and we'd be a short drive away!!

  23. OMG that burger.... right now I have the heart eye emoji thing going on! haha

  24. Sounds like a fun-filled weekend! I love Nashville and hope to return soon:)

  25. YAY!!! :) So proud of you! And I'm going to need some of that burger. :)


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