August 28, 2014

Through It All...Give Thanks

There's a lot of negativity in the world today. Too many people out there are negative and debbie downers and the world is becoming a crazy, more dangerous place every day. I don't have time to always look for the negative, and usually am pretty positive even when life stresses me to the max. But, like everyone else, I'm human and I do have my bad days.

Yesterday was one of them. I woke up late, on the wrong side of the bed and let something stupid annoy me. From there it was all down hill, friends. Well, for a while at least. I was looking in my drafts for inspiration and came across a draft I had saved and it snapped me out of my funk real quick. Even though my day was kind of crappy, it still was my day. Everyone I love was healthy and I realized I was just had a bad attitude, not a bad life.

And when you think about it, if you're *a l i v e*, you're doing pretty well. So today, I'm counting my blessings and giving thanks. For the major, the mundane and the merciful. Every day I'm thankful for the people in my life, the blessings I've been given and the joy of living another day. With that in mind, I'm giving thanks for the small, lil bits of joy that I often over look.

Today, I'm thankful for...

BOOKS - I love reading. I love falling into a fantasy world, created by someone else. I also love devouring history about our nation and other countries, but mostly America. Historical fiction is my happy place, but I love a good mystery/thriller as well.

A good g l a s s of wine - And only a glass. I used to think I needed more, but now just a glass makes me happy. Whether it's with dinner, dessert or just because, a glass of wine makes me feel fine ;)!

Warm clean clothes out of the dryer - They smell good and keep you warm, le sigh.

Clean sheets after a shower -  My favorite way to go to sleep.

Family {inside} jokes - My family is a funny, crazy bunch. #nojoke #askmyfriends. And we have the most random inside jokes that can send us all into fits of giggles. Most of them center around movies but a few are OOOPSIES that someone has commited in the past. It's all in love though, #billionsandbillionsofmiles.

The smell outside after a rain storm - I'm not a lover of rain, but understand it's a necessity in our world. Unless I have something that the rain cancels or makes tricky to attend, I don't mind the rain, I actually enjoy the sound of the pitter-patter on a roof. But, my favorite part of rain is the smell afterwards, the world just smells refreshed! 

My sunroof - I love feeling the wind in my car, while the sun's shining and the tunes on high. 

Pretty underoos - Sometimes the power of pretty underoos can turn the day around. Yes, it's silly, but feeling pretty under my clothes often gives me a pep in my step.

Emojis - I've carried on conversations with out words and I love adding an emoji to a text to convey my joy or empathy. And sometimes, I just love sending the p00p emoji... y'all know that s*it is funny [get it ;)]

Silly YouTube videos - While I'm not a huge YouTube time waster, I do find certain video selections quite entertaining and will watch them multiple times. I'm so glad there are uber talented people out there, that create things, JUST for my amusement.

Next time you're down or stressed, try and make a list of the big and small things you are thankful for at that moment. I promise you're attitude will turn around and you'll turn that frown upside down :)

What are some random things you are thankful for, today?!?!

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  1. very well said my dear! its true, sometimes when we get down its hard to remember all the amazing things we have going for us. i love reading as well, and like some historical fiction. whats your fave?

  2. i had to play the video--one of my faves! snipe, snipe, severus snipe

  3. Oh how I love this awesome reminder! Lately, life hasn't been going as Eric and I want or expect it should be going! But just because it's a bad day, or week, or month, doesn't mean that our LIFE is bad. Our life is great and I don't know why it's so easy to get down on it or completely forget about how blessed we truly are! Thank you for this!!

  4. Love all the things you are thankful for! Especially clean sheets and wine!!!

  5. this is great! It's always important to remember what we are thankful for!

  6. This is so great!! The first thought I have when I'm having a bad day is just that - I'm alive and I'm healthy!! Everything else is just gravy!

  7. Love this! Such a great idea. It's easy to take advantage of the little things!

    <3, Pamela

  8. Love this! I actually say what I am thankful for every night in my head, I've done it since I was little! I love the smell after a rain storm too! :)

    <3 Shannon

  9. So much to be thankful for! Clean sheets and the smell after the rain are two of my very favorite things :) Hope you're having a better day today!

  10. Love this! I have been really trying to focus on what I do have and how incredibly blessed I am too! If I just stop comparing myself and my life to everyone else I realize how blessed and happy I really am!

  11. Whenever I'm feeling down in the dumps I always remind myself that it could ALWAYS be worse. Usually that helps! We really DO have so much to be thankful for that we tend to take for granted on a day to day basis.

  12. I needed this reminder today. Thank you, sweet girl.


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