June 10, 2016

An Afternoon With T-Bone

One of the best things about moving down here is the ability to hang out with my grandfather, T-Bone. We usually seem him once a year but now that he's 90 the fact I'm now able to hang with him whenever. I offered my services to help him this Tuesday and it turned into quite a memorable afternoon.

I thought I would share some of the highlights with y'all today for a lil laugh.

Me: Hey T-Bone, I'm here to help you with the path to the creek.
T-Bone: Well, I have a few other jobs for you. How many Pollocks does it take to change a light bulb?
(He has me get a ladder from outside to change three ceiling fixtures

T-Bone: No, you have to line it up strait there. That's night straight. (Y'all it was straight)

T-Bone: Did you turn it five times? 
Me: I turned it six I think.
T-Bone: Well you only needed to do it five times. Don't make it too tight.

Me: T-Bone, this glass piece won't fit over the brass piece like the others.
T-Bone: What do you mean? It's the same thing.
Me: Well it won't fit, let me bring it to you.
T-Bone tries to fit it together: Well Hot damn, this piece of sh*t expanded. I'll be dammed. I guess we will have to file it down, go get my tools... You know what a file looks like right?

We then spend an hour plus trying to file this brass piece down to fit into the glass hole. Each time it doesn't work he says he's going to the hardware store for a new one, but then spends more time trying to make it work.

T-Bone: You know what, I just remembered this never fit correctly. Get up on the ladder and make it work! Then I'll take you to lunch.

T:Bone: What's this, are you chicken? 
This was after I didn't run a yellow light.

T:Bone: Wow, you should have just parked around the block. 
This was after I parked the next line over the parking lot.

Me: So what are we doing after lunch?
T-Bone: How's your plumbing?
Me: insert wide eyed emoji here!

Figured I'd end on that note because, PLUMBING?! I'll have you know I did help him change the flushing tank in his bathroom. Yes, my 90 year old grandfather was laying on the floor screwing and unplugging and installing a new refill tank in his bathroom. I was his gopher running here and there to get things and read him directions he didn't want to listen to, haha. All in all it was a fun afternoon and I look forward to helping him again next week. 

Hope it was a great week for everyone. Thank you all for the supportive comments yesterday, y'all are the greatest! Oh, by the way I finally got my ridiculously long hair cut. 

 Hellllloo Tennessee blonde highlights!

Have a faaaaaabulous weekend, loves!


  1. Love your hair! How sweet (and funny) that your able to spend some time with your grandpa and make these memories! Sounds like he's pretty witty!

  2. BWHAHAHA I want to be friends with T-Bone!!! Smart aleck!

  3. Well hot dammm! LOL! Thats too funny! Enjoy these moments!

  4. Oh my gosh what an afternoon!! He's a riot and I'm loving your hair! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. haha what funny convos! i love writing down moments like that. and love the hair! so fresh for summer!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. Hahah this is hilarious! And absolutely loving your new hair cut and color! SO pretty! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Your hair is gorgeous! It's making me antsy to do my own. I love the men of that generation. This reminds me so much of my grandpa.

  8. I had to laugh at the yellow light comment.

  9. He sounds like a real hoot. I love that he called you a chicken for stopping at yellow. Hair is looking great! Have a fantastic weekend!

  10. OH my goodness your grandfather! How come you call him T-Bone? I"m sure that's a story and I hope these become a regular on your blog!

  11. hi dear,
    great pic and beautiful hair..
    have a nice day

  12. oh my gosh, these were too funny to read! And such great memories to have documented!

  13. Loveeee the new hair and these stories are the cutest! So awesome that you get to spend more time with him now, I'm sure it makes his day!

  14. Love the hair and I feel the T-bone adventures could become a regular blog post.

  15. He sounds pretty rad!!! This should totally become a blog series. :)


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