June 22, 2016

Aur Revoir France, Buongiorno Italia {Travel Day to Cinque Terre}

Today's recap is all about our travel day from Paris, France to Cinque Terre Italy. It is not a quick trip so Le Husband and I decided to get in some sight seeing while spending most of the day traveling. It seemed like we had JUST gotten the hang of merci & bonjour when we had to train it in for grazie and buongiorno.

Our day started at 0430 as we made our way to the airport for the flight to Milan. You all know I’m not a fan of flying and was a bit nervous about flying around in Europe. The plane was bigger than expected and the flight was just an hour so it flew by (haha) quickly. #thankgoodness #cheerstoquickandefficentsecurity #gimmealltheespresso

We landed at the airport and hopped a quick shuttle to the Milano train station. To be honest our first glimpse of Italy made both of us sad as it was all highways and concrete jungles similar to the USA. However, once we arrived in the city it was a lot nicer. Le Husband did some research and found out most train stations have a service where you can check your luggage while you hang out in the city and they will then bring it to your carriage fifteen minutes before your train time. After wandering around the station we found the service, left our bags the set off to explore the city of Milan.

Y’all, it was the strangest thing, the city around the train station was dead quiet and most of the shops were closed. On a Monday! I said to Le Husband "we need to move to Milan if this is how Mondays roll”. We found out MUUUCH later we were visiting on Liberty Day so most people were on holiday, which made everything clear.

After walking a few blocks we made it to the ‘center’ of the city and perused some of the shops. Only one purchase was made and that was new sunglasses for me since I left the Oakleys Le Husband bought for my birthday last year on the plane (insert crying emoji here)! I like the pair I bought but man am I mad about my other sunnies. Oh, and how funny is this shirt?!? Old Rag in Milan! #hollaatmyhikingpeeps #vafriendsknowwhereitsat

Our layover was only four hours so we walked around, had some lunch (very isappointing first meal in Italy), headed back to the train station and paid a euro to go to the restroom. YES! The train station charges a euro for the bathroom, how insane right? I really didn't want to pay but nature called, wah!

Speaking of bathrooms, this was the toilet at the restaurant in Milan. How in the heck do you work this as a lady?

The train was a bit smaller than I personally expected and not quite as relaxing as anticipated. But, it ran smoothly and offered us some time to try and catch up on sleep, watch videos and study. We passed through many a town and some beautiful hillsides, definitely what you think of on an Italian train.

Soon it was time to get off the first train and change to the next. With the 30 minute down time we were able to glimpse the beauty of Cinque Terre. Le sigh, so lovely (thanks BOFF for the recommendation)!!!
We met  our Airbnb lady at the train station and I was SO EXCITED when she spoke English. She was originally from California and married and Italian man so she ended up in Cinque Terre. I HIGHLY recommend AIRBNBs when in CT, much cheaper prices than the hotels. Marta gave us the lay of the land, told us where and where not to eat then gave us a quick back story on all the trails. Once she left it was off to dinner which was an AMAZING first meal in the Five Lands.

What we ate: Some disappointing and delicious meals, but overall a winner I think.
Honestly, Cinque Terre was a favorite so I'll be spending a bit of time recapping all of our adventures. It is a very hiking related area and the people are incredibly kind and helpful. Next week I'll be talking about a two hour hike that turned into the big hike through all five lands. 


  1. My cousin lives in Italy and my aunt and her just went to Cinque Terre for a few days - the views are outstanding!! I don't remember having to pay to go to the bathroom in the train station, but maybe it was different in Rome...thankfully lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. yes, paying for the bathrooms surprised me too; i heard it's because it deterrs bums from sleeping in there? the ones i went to didn't have that hole in the ground but a real toilet (i mean come on, even men who have a built in hose doesn't even have that good of an aim!) and they were super clean since the station used the collected money to keep the washrooms tidy.

    love the views!

  3. ugh cinque terre is so on my list. the few snaps you posted make it look so dreamy too :) i always forget about the paying for restrooms abroad in some places - def weird! and glad you got some good meals even if some were not so good.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. It really is amazing how much awesomeness you squeezed into your time in Europe! I love these recaps and stories. :)

  5. Sooo how do you use that toilet??

    When I was in Germany you had to pay to use public restrooms too. Weird.

    The food pictures are always my favorite lol.

  6. OMG, the coast is beautiful!!! And that food...


  7. Oh Cincque Terra was my favorite! I loved how beautiful it was and how friendly the people were! We ate at a seafood place where they literally caught it and cooked it and I got a henna tattoo on the beach. I am so glad I can relive these memories through you! Can't wait for more. And how in the heck did you use that bathroom? I never saw one like that, but I did got 12 years ago.

  8. What fun adventures! Cinque Terre looks beautiful so I'd love to read more of your travel recaps. Sucks you left your sunglasses on the plane. I swear my expensive sunglasses are the easiest to lose but my old $10 pair seems to stick around forever.

  9. I love reading all of your travel posts, because it just fans the fire of my own wanderlust. It looks like this leg might be the best one yet!!! :)

  10. What a beautiful place! I remember rushing into a bathroom in France 'cause I had to go so bad and then being so confused. Like, did she just say I had to pay? I'm so glad they don't do it here. I need to check out AirBNB. I know they have cleaning rules, but I tend to feel "safer" going with a hotel so have been hesitant to try it. I get kinda weird about stuff life that.

  11. What a fun little place! Gotta love that shirt! How neat! :)

  12. It looks like Monterroso? Maybe? Ahhh Cinque Terre... Take me back.

  13. When we went to Italy CT was our absolute favorite, favorite part. We hikes all of the towns too in one day. We actually stayed in town 4, hiked to town 5, took a train to town 1 and then hiked back to where we started. Best way to do it in my opinion :) Can't wait to see your pictures and relive the experience through you.

  14. haha i'm the only one who thinks it is brilliant that they charge for restrooms over in europe.. keeps them much much cleaner than some of the places i have seen here! and at home, to be honest. some places at home charge like 20 cents and they are always nice and clean. that luggage service is brilliant, i'll have to remember that!


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