June 28, 2016

Such a Full Weekend We're Recapping A Day Late

I'm Hello and happy weekend recap day. Yup, I'm coming at you a day later than most because this weekend was super wonderful, but super busy with an ending full of traffic, boo. The original plan was to get in from Cincy around 8pm, finish up a blog post and then get settled in for the week. And then we hit traffic from hades.

Anyway, moving on from that drama. Before I get into the recap and we just take a moment to realize this is the last week of June? Fourth of July is RIGHT around the corner, what the what? Where is the summer going? Right now it seems like the days are long but the months seem to be super short. Am I the only one feeling this way? Yeah, okay, moving on ;)!

Le Husband and I spent last weekend visiting his family in Cincy. We sparked a try something new trend with family as our BIL/SIL and their two kids are moving south later this summer. As excited as we are for them and their fabulous new adventure, we are both a lil bummed they will be moving farther away from us now that we are closer.

This weekend we...

... spent a lot of time playing legos, rough housing, cuddling, crawling and walk training.

... spent Saturday going to Finley Market, visiting family then drove to the pool for the usual pool party.

... tried to get littlest man to walk. He knows how to, does it quite well holding on to fingers but WON'T walk without assistance. So I walked the stairs a bazillion times with him and did quite a few laps around the pool.

He's too cute to say no to, right??!?!?!!? #thosecheeksthough

... caught up with Grandma and Grandpa and both felt better about how Grandma looked. She was in the hospital earlier this month and we are so thankful everything is working out okay now. They were very excited about our trip and move and it was fun recapping Europe for them. 

... ate the first smore of the summer, so worth the calorie count. 

... had a sleepover with the oldest nephew after the pool.

... woke up bright and early Sunday morning for family breakfast and sprinkler time.

... took the other set of grandparents out for lunch before getting back on the road to Tennessee.

... stopped by my Kentucky family's home to have dinner with them and pick up some signs for Sportyspices wedding. It is so nice having family so close, I am beyond grateful.

... sat in MISERABLE traffic for two+ hours. #theworst

... arrived home too late to watch the COPA game but holy cow how did Messi miss?

... passed out from a busy weekend.

Yesterday I subbed a BODYPUMP class and looking at my planner I realized I have a FULL week of teaching. Some days are two classes, yowza. I'm excited though, for the time out doing something and getting back into the fitness game.

Before I go, I have to brag on my BOFF. She sent me the sweetest gift and it really made my Monday. She's selling KEEP now and was so kind to send me a lil something to remember my European trip. Thanks so much, beautiful friend, I love you dearly!

I'm going to be a bit absent this morning as I'll be teaching a 6am class in East Knoxville. Fingers crossed the alarm goes of correctly and I figure out the microphone quickly. Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!!! 


  1. Good luck today! Hope your class is a hit! What a wonderful weekend - love all the family time you've been able to get in lately.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend with family!

    Look at you being a BP boss! Kill it mama!

  3. relaxing week end with your family

  4. YAY! Good luck today with your class! You're going to rock it! Glad you had such a great weekend too! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Baby laps around the pool are the best - I mean you can't resist a baby in a diaper! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Awwww, baby holding onto your fingers for walking is just the cutest. Good luck with all the classes you have today!

  7. Hope class went well this morning!!

    That s'more is making me drool at way too early of an hour to be drooling at s'mores ;)

    AND YES! Summer needs to SLOW THE HECK down!! !!!! More exclamation points needed!

  8. Sounds like a fabulous and full weekend - minus the miserable traffic of course! And yummm to your first s'more of the season <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Yeah!!!!!! Sometimes I do the same thing, where I will have a quiet week teaching then BAM everyday. I'm glad you had such a great weekend but boooo for traffic coming back!

  10. Great family weekend + full week of classes! That's great!

  11. I hope it went well this morning! :)

  12. I hope your class went well this morning! Glad you got in family time!

  13. This sounds like such a fun and busy weekend! The kiddos are cute! Can't go wrong with smores!


  14. Sounds like such a fun filled weekend! I had my first s'more of the summer this past weekend and it was delicious! I cannot believe how quickly Fourth of July has crept up on us...the summer needs to slow down!!

  15. Ahh traffic is the worse! Especially when you aren't expecting it, but I'm so glad you had a fun weekend-- definitely busy and fun filled. I am always craving toasted marshmallows- hope your bodypump class went well today!

  16. The kiddos are adorable! S'mores are so fun to look at and make for others.. Wish I liked them! Haha happy Tuesday! Xo

  17. Hope you made it to class on time and it went smoothly! I love s'mores too! Worth every calorie! Those kiddos are too cute, I live family time!

  18. What a FUN weekend!!! And seriously, how is it almost July?

  19. Cincinnattiiii!!!! :) welcome to my home. Findlay market is AMAZING. I've only been once, isn't that crazy?! I'm glad you had a fun weekend.

  20. oh snap you go girl with all your teaching! busy bee. and how cute are babies when they hold on to you while walking? i would have done the same, it's hard to say no!


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