June 21, 2016

Happy SUMMER and An Afternoon with T-Bone Part Two

Hiiiiiiiii, y'all! Happy summmmmer! Beyond stoked my favorite month is official here. Wasn't yesterday gorgeous? I spend my summer solstice getting my butt kicked at the gym (such a great class), shopping for bridal shower paraphernalia, doing laundry, upgrading my Mac and practicing BODYPUMP on the dock. I couldn't let the beautiful weather go to waste!

I wasn't able to get my act together last week to get finish up my next T-Bone post so I'm sharing it today. I've been going over every Tueaday to hang out with him and help him around the house. We always go to lunch and there are always shenanigans. Last week's fun included a chainsaw, woohoo!


Me: I'm here to help you clear the creek path, look I even brought gardening gloves.
T-Bone: Okay, let me Oil up the chain saw.
Me: Are you sure? I think I can get them with the clippers, they look kind of puny.
T-Bone: Well okay, go get the loppers first. We will see how strong you actually are. 

T-Bone: Now cut at the base...down lower... I said the base, you're too high. 
[I couldn't get any lower, trust me].

T-Bone: Watch out, that's poison ivy, shew! You were almost in the thick of it. Lucky I'm here to point it out.

Me: What's that plant over there?
T-Bone: I don't know, but I hate it.

T-Bone: Get down low, no, you won't be able to do that, let me get the saw. {I made it work despite his protesting because NO THANK YOU CHAIN SAW}.
T-Bone: Oh look, don't you know everything?
Me: No I just wanted to show you my muscles.

T-Bone: Okay, let's go to the front yard. Time to chop down a tree so bring the chainsaw. Don't forget to grab the extra electrical cord. [wide eyed emoji face here]. 

T-Bone: Now get right to the bottom of the tree but don't let it touch the grass. No, lower, no don't let it touch the grass. Cut straight now. Straight!

We proceed to cut down TWO trees and then trim them to firewood size. How you ask? Oh you know, 90 year old Grandpa held the tree and pointed out where I should cut. Y'all I was sweating bullets concentrating so hard.

After the chain saw adventure he took me to lunch and one of his favorite restaurants. More fun ensued.

Me: What is good here?
T-Bone: I always get the same thing, spinach salad because I need the greens. Today I think I'll have a beer with lunch since you're doing all the work.

T-Bone to the waiter: Bring me a glass of your cheapest beer, I don't care what kind.
T-Bone after he drinks it: Yup, that's cheap but it works!

We spent most of lunch chatting about his past and him asking me about my stocks and giving me advice on what to buy/sell. T-Bone may forget some things but his mind is laser sharp when it comes it comes to his stocks. 

When lunch was over we headed back to his place and I swept his front/back porch, racked up the extra grass left from the lawn mower and then did a lil bit of straightening here and there. He didn't have much else to do so then I hung out a bit longer and then headed home. Every week has been an experience and I'm looking forward to the adventure today. Fingers crossed no more chain saws!


  1. Oh my word, your grandpa sounds hilarious!!! You are going to have some amazing memories from your visits!

  2. LOL! My new favorite day of the week! "Let me oil up the chain saw!" T-Bone must have been a heck of a boss in his day because he's got the supervising things down, lol!

  3. That's so wonderful that y'all spend every Tuesday together! That is so special and you'll cherish those memories forever!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Haha this is fantastic! Your grandpa sounds hilarious, let me go oil up the chainsaw - classic! Cheers to a fabulous week gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. Haha this is awesome! "Get me a glass of your cheapest beer.... Yup that's cheap but it works!" Too funny! Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. haha re: the plant "i don't know but i hate it" i love it. and that photo up there is awesome! take me there :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. I always get the same thing, spinach salad because I need the greens. Today I think I'll have a beer with lunch since you're doing all the work.

    Because you're doing all the work! LOL! I died!

  8. That's so amazing that you get to spend every Tuesday together. I love the shenanigans you seem to find yourself in. Fingers crossed no chainsaw.

  9. Haha I love this so so much!

  10. So great that you can spend this time with him. Our elders are a treasure. He sounds like a pip. I love it.

  11. he is a true gem! I wish I could do this with my grandpa over the summer, cherish it. I saw him this weekend and wanted to go back and help him with yard work! Body pump by the lake sounds amazing! Have a great day.

  12. I've been waiting for this post since I saw you were hanging out with him on Insta, haha! It did not disappoint ;) Happy Happy SUMMER!!

  13. Bhahahaha!! Your Grandpa is too funny. I just laughed through that entire post. What fun! P.S. I'm glad no one got hurt with the chainsaw ;)


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