June 7, 2011

Could you RELEARN your life?!?!

Cause this woman did!!!!


Every morning on my way to work I listen to the same radio station {HOLLA EITM}. The host is crass at times but HIL.AR.I.OUS!!! He always finds the most INTERESTING stories to talk about and it helps on my morning drive, because, well, I'm barely awake.

Today he interviewed a lady named Su Meck. This woman had to RELEARN everything about life, as a 20ish year old. Yeah, she basically had the memory and motor skills of a two year old at age 22. She was a wife and mother of 2 young children and HAD NO IDEA who they were. Or what a 'husband' or 'son' actually meant.


She spoke very well on the phone and actually was very diplomatic regarding the questions asked. Her basic response was 'I didn't know any different. I don't have the same memories as the rest of my family, but I don't really know what I am missing.'

Holy guacamole I can't even fathom the idea of losing all of my precious precious memories. Chalk one up for keeping my bloggie up to date huh?!?!?

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