June 14, 2011


Good morning lovies! I'm linking up again with Miss Jamie for WILW, enjoy!

~1~I'm loving I got to listen to my FAVORITE men this week on TV. I have SERIOUS voice crushes on Gary Sinise and Mike Rowe. I could listen to their shows forever. And yes, C, is 100% aware of this and often will make fun of me when one of their shows come on.


}Gary Sinise{


~2~ I'm loving all of the pictures from the wedding I went to this weekend.
Here's a new one for ya'll! Aren't my sissys BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?

~3~I'm loving this JAM session video Babyspice and I had while driving to the wedding. Okay okay I mean crawling to the wedding. And YES I know jamming while driving is not the smartest thing to do, however 1) we were going 2.5 miles an hour B)Most of the jerkiness is from Babyspice 4) we had been sitting in horrible traffic for 30 minutes already.

Please forgive the angle of the video, my iphone was NOT working with us!

~4~ And as per the usual I'm loving all of the fun new blogs/friends I meet through WILW!

Have a great day pretties!


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    Cute pic of you and your sisters!

  2. Oh, Mike Rowe. That man "makes my teeth sweat."

  3. oh i love all of the dresses you and your girls are wearing :)

    new follower, please stop on by..


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