June 6, 2011

Miscellany Mondays

Hello all, today is my first day linking up for Miscellany Monday

Why are Mondays so hard? I really wish I enjoyed them more because I don't like dreading one day of the week all the time.

Today the weather man called for abundant sunshine and it made me smile. I mean how awesome does that sound?!?!

I have this pictue stored on my iPhone because of the {ridiculous} love my sisters' and I share for the movie UP.

I found this dress on the Jessica Simpson website 4 months ago and saved it so I could decide if I wanted to drop the $$ on it. However 2 weeks later it was out of stock, but I love the dress so much I keep holding out hope it will comeback.

I have hung 7 paintings in my apartment and I feel accomplished. Nevermind I have 394803 more to go.

I must get my hair cut...the frizzies are out of control. But, for some reason I want to GROW my hair out in the summer...weirdo, I know!

My soccer team won our indoor championship last night...for the 4th time in a row...HOLLA!

Here is a completely RANDO picture of yours truly for all of the new readers out there.


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