June 5, 2011

Slightly Shameful Sunday

No, not that kind of SHAME!!!! Just the shame of the past and where I was in high school...oh good gosh! {Can I get an AMEN about not worrying about iPhone/camera phones, FACEBOOK, blogs and myspace in high school?!?!? AMEN}

My parents allowed C to store his bed and desk in their basement last week, with the condition I would give my mom an hour and clean out my room at home. YES, I STILL HAVE A ROOM at my parent's house. And yes I keep a TON of stuff there. I am mega blessed I know, thanks Mama B and Daddy! The weather was nasty and C is gone on a business trip all week so I thought, hey why not knock it izzout today?

OHHHHEMMMMGEEEEE!!! I had NO idea about the treasure trove of memories (imeanbaddecisions) that lay throughout my room. Let me tell you what I found.

*ALL of my college graduation cards {cause I need to reread those}
~A poster I did in 8th grade showing my LIFE PLAN.
{I was retiring at 35, was gonna be a veterinarian, had twin girls and 4 houses...big dreamer over here}
*Tooooooooons and tons of OLD high school pictures
~A book where I saved RANDOM comics in and wrote a commentary {NERDALERT}
*ALL of my USA Women's Soccer team paraphernalia. {I created 2 posters after they won the World Cup on American soil...I think in 1998?}
~Posters and cards from college {so many memories there}

And then I came across these gems: Please Don't Judge Me!

{Devin Sawa, Jared Leto, JTT, Paul Walker, Leonardo DiCaprio}

**My Prince William Poster Collage**
{Like every other girl in America, I DREAMED of marrying him. Thanks a lot Kate!}

{Jessica Simpson, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears}
Can you say TeenyBopper?!?!
{Yes that is a Titanic CD cover...again DON'T JUDGE ME}

Wow, wow wow wow!

Oh the memories...anyone else want to share their shame today?!?!?

ps.com: Remember that Dog Snuggie I was talking about? Yeah, here's Miss Muffin sportin the p!nkness. She wouldn't look at me so I had to paparazzi her little hiney!

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