June 8, 2011

I'm Hot and then Cold

Yup, I just quoted Katy Perry. Good luck getting that song out of your head for the rest of the day. :)

Anyhoo Wednesday was a Hot & Cold kind of day here in P!nkland. After a ridiculous day I went home to unwind with said magazine and said vino.
My dessert consisted of this LOVELY new addiction. Ice Cream Sandwich perfectly chilled and COLD from the freezer. YUMMO and not too bad on the diet-o!

While preparing and eating dinner I partook in some television.

I HEART Gilmore Girls, Rory and Lorelai are amazingly hysterical and I love their relationship. But I would be lying if I didn't say how much I also love LUKE! That man's man is a serious HOTTIE!!!

It's Stanly Cup Playoff time so you KNOW this girl is glued to the tv. I don't really care for either team (Hate ANYTHING BOSTON and not a fan of Canadien teams) but LOVE HOCKEY. I've decided to pull for the Bruins though because of the disgusting hit Rome (Canucks) put on Houston (Bruins). I love watching men skate around on the COLD ice.
The whole East coast is going through a heat wave and DC is no exception. We hit some pretty big numbers yesterday. However, since Blackops is over in 120+ degrees I have personally chosen not to complain no matter how hot it gets. Not a rant, just a choice right now, but I must say it did get HOT HOT HOT yesterday.
And wouldn't you know, Miss P!nky would find her own way to cool off.
No No No, this is not my ghetto verison of a pool. It is my ghetto version of an Ice Bath. Yep, I'm icing my ankles, shins and legs because they hurt hurt hurt. I'm going to the doctor on Friday to get them checked out, but they are being a PAIN! And while I'm a little firecracker ready to run my mouth off at the drop of a hat, I am a SUPREME wuss when it goes to COLD. I hate it. So this is what I looked like while icing in the COLD water.
Miss P!nky aka Cold Wuss

Yeah, no bueno. But I felt a little better before bed. And maybe had another glass of wine to calm myself.
Hope yall have a great day!
RACHEL McADAMS is HOT! And my white wine was perfectly cold!

I continued my night by cooking and enjoying this awesome dinner I made. Oregano chicken and onions with garlic scapes. On the right you will my new recipe of Swiss Chard, onion, lemon and white wine. Was very nervous about it, however it came out super delish! It wasn't spicy hot, but it was HOT off the stove.

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  1. LOVE Ms. Adams!! AND white wine!! And that is some HOT weather y'all are having in DC!!


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