June 2, 2011

Pet Peeeeeeves and OMGSssss

Holy Guacamole, my pet peeve-o-meter is on OVERDRIVE here at work. For rizzy! Things have really ramped up in the production world and my group's numbers for the end of the year has DOUBLED! (Wish I could get into my thoughts on THAT but I kind of need my job). Needless to say things are a little more stressful here at work and there is A LOT of focus on my group, which means a lot of focus on my manager. Who normally is stressed and a little OCD about things, but now she is at MACH 2304830248 bazillion! Serious MICROMANAGING MODE! And it's driving me bananas (just sang the GWEN stefani song in my head...good lawd)

Seriously, it's THAT bad! Sending emails every hour...IMs all the time. Double checking my work when I say I've done it. SERRRIOUSLY, I'm going to tell you it's DONE and you DON'T BELIEVE ME!?!?!? REALLY!?!? Ugh, please stop it. And for the the love of pete at least have the nerve to ask me the real question instead of passively aggressively asking what I have planned to do today. If you give me a job....I'LL DO IT! And if I have a questions, I'LL ask you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your hands outta my work kitchen and stay away...

Anyone else feel the same??!?!?!
Okay, rant over and moving on to the OMG! C and I were doing a little shopping for our places at TJ MAXX and LOOK at what I found in the clearance aisle.

A DOG SNUGGIE...WTH and get outta town with that nonsense. So of course I had to get it for one of Mama B's dogs.

She has two (they were her mother's but when she passed away {bazillion sadface} Mama B brought them to live with us) a mother and son. They are mini Schnauzer's and are sweet most of the time but Mama B spoils them rotten. As in, "the dog bit me for no reason" and she says "well you were in her way" (SUURIOUSLY?!?!). Anyway, Alpha dog (the lil grey one) is about 9 pounds, although she thinks she's 200, and is always shivering, so hopefully the Snuggie will alleviate this problem.

{Alpha and Beta}

{They don't really like the camera} Happy Thursday !!!

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