June 11, 2011

What's Pinky Wearing?!

What's P!nky doing here on a Saturday??!?!?

I just wanted to show you lovies my super awesome, super p!nk, super CLAIRE's headband.

{excuse the face, I was feeling SASSY}

Mama B and I had a fun dinner date since Daddy was out of town this week and my hair was a HOTMESS! Luckily I found this beauty and said 'Who cares if I look 5 years old, I'm rolling with it'.
Here's another look at the lovebug of pink.

I am NO FASHIONISTA like Miss LouLou (think she will approve of the headband?) or MAXINISTA a la Miss Jessica, but I really like the outfit I put together.

Shorts: Gap
Black Tank: Birthday gift from Grandma (?) 3 years ago
Ruffle Cover: Nordstroms

It was the perfect choice because it was still in the high 80s at 7pm last night. Mama B and I had a great dinner at Luna Grill and can I just RAVE about the WATERMELON SALAD?!?! To die for and very light.

Funny story, we were eating outside and this older gentleman picked up something a table dropped in the walkway. He brought it to us since we were the closet table and then decided to try and chat us up. I was like, um no thanks! He told my mom she looked like Billie Jean King, but straight (who says that?) and then preceded to talk with us. Of course Mama B wasn't sure what to do, so I took control and said "Thank you so much for helping us out. Have a great rest of the evening." He got the hint, said good bye and left. Mama B was UBER impressed with my skills of making him leave, so I told her.

"Mom, that's just 6 years of going out to Arlington/DC bars."
Man I sound conceited, I really don't think I get hit on that much, but she got a kick out of it.

Alright, time to get ready for a wedding. Should be fun and I LOVE MY NEW dress!

Have a fabulous day pretties!

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