June 12, 2011


What up homies?!?!? How was your weekend? Can you believe it's MONDAY already...GAH! Big booooo card for that. The only good thing about today is C got back into town late last night after being out of town for a week plus and we get to hang out today....YAY!

My weekend was faboo....tiring but FAB-to the-LOUS! A good friend got married this weekend and all three B sisters were in attendance. We have known the bride for a long time (since I was 9 I think?) and she is one of SportySpice's bffs. It's twice as nice though cause the bride's sister and I are really close too so I've been helping her plan the wedding which was sweet.

WARNING: This is a photo heavy post!!!

BabySpice and I goofing off in the bathroom before the wedding. SASS-A-FRASS!

SportySpice was soooo pretty!
YAY just married!!!! {Sorry so blurry}
First dance! They were soooo cute and are sooo in love!
Beautiful table decorations
Working HARD on that dress
LOVE my sissys

The Groom's cake was made by a Food Network contestant.
A Manhattan, Dirrty Shirley and White Wine....OH MY!

Swim Team Ladies
The cake was DELISH!

SportySpice and her escort reenacting their entrance. He smacked her hiney and she smacked him back. It was HILARIOUS but the photographer was in the way so I have no pictures of it.

Reaching for the garter....Wait, what's this?!!?
YUP, she ICED him using her garter. HYSTERICAL!!!

SportySpice caught her 4th bouquet! You heard me correct, 4th bouquet. I'm sure BlackOps is happy he isn't here right now wink wink!

Could they be any prettier?!!!? SERIOUSLY!
After the bride and groom were sent off in a boat (they're on a boat) the sissy's and I went to decorate their suite. This was our gift to them and I think it turned out lovely.
Why, yes that would be a box of Hot Tamale candy by the pillows. Gotta keep it HOT right?!?
SportySpice commemorating 2 months down for BlackOps deployment. PRESH!
PHEW, what a night. I had such a blasty with my sissys, we know how to break.it.down!

I am wiped out though. Super happy for dinner tonight with my boo and just relaxing.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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