June 23, 2011



That's right, Miss Deathly Afraid of Needles Girl (That's Me) went to her first Acupuncture appointment yesterday. Acupuncture=Needles=Veryagitated Miss P!nky!

But, these shin splintsslashankleproblemsslashmegatightcalvesslashpainpainpain has become such a hindrance to my life that I was willing to try ANYTHING to get fixed. I made the appointment and felt fine until the day of the appointment.


My anxiety stemmed from NOT wanting to look like this!

Luckily (for me) C has his own issues with his legs and needed an appointment too. So, lil miss scardy-cat made a double appointment for the both of us. YES, I'm a baby so sue me. Proof: the lady I talked to when making the appointments commented most couple appointments are for FERTILITY treatments. (Yeah, no..... bebes me not wantey right now)

Well appointment time came yesterday and we were all coupled up in the Dr's office talking about our symptoms. Surprisingly I agreed with A LOT of what she said about our bodies and how we need to treat them. Apparently with Eastern medicine it is more about heat than cold. Her big thing was Cold equals closer to death. So everything she did with us was about heat, and getting the blood flowing.

We had great conversation and she has had great success "fixing" our issues. After explaining my fear of needles she was very frank and said "Yes, it will hurt, but not because of the needle. It will hurt because the needle will unblock the stagnant QI". Fair enough, thanks for the honesty now let's just keep me from looking like this guy!

C went first and then she came and did my shins. The right leg was fine once the needles were in but I had some aggravation with the left leg. Apparently the left is worse than the right. We were also giving a Thai massage and Gua Sha treatment. I will have to explain that more when we get our backs done. I promise it will be interesting.
After everything was said and done, I felt a slight release in my shins but mostly a 'difference'. It wasn't better or worse just a different feeling but a welcome one. I am still a little sore today where I had needles in my body, but my shins aren't bothering me. C and I have to practice our own Gua Sha and then we are going back next week. I am highly optimistic this will work and hopefully I can write another post that says "I'm HEALED".

Funny note: My family KNOWS how afraid I am of needles and were VERY surprised when I told them I was considering acupuncture. I still like my parents to be with me if I have to get a shot {Miss Wuss I KNOW}. BabySpice even called me and sang a version of LiLo's Rumors, but hers was about needles instead of being a train wreck. Soo silly that one.

Have a great day!


  1. I've never done accupuncture but I've also been curious to try it!

  2. You should! I was very scared at first, but it's not nearly as bad as you would think!


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