August 15, 2012

25 things about me


A few days ago, I was perusing my Facebook account [loseralert] and came across one of my old notes. Do y'all remember that craze where everyone posted 25 random things about themselves on Facebook?!? If you think about it, those notes were 'blogging' before blogging was cool.

Anyway, I thought the notes would be fun to post along with an update
regarding my life in 2012.

1.I was feeling left out reading everyone’s notes so I decided to write my own. Don’t really think they will be as interesting as others, but want to see if I can write 25.
This isn't really a point, but back then I couldn't think of 25. This blog has helped me find my inner 'look at me' so 25 now really wouldn't be too hard.

2. I absolutely ADORE the color P!nk and will accept any gift that is p!nk with a smile. People often just give me gifts because they are p!nk and I think it so sweet they think of me.
Obviously this has changed. SIKE!!! Haha, I still adore pink, DUH!

3. Consequently, my nickname at my office is P!nky. Nothing like having grown men and women, some twice my age yelling “P!nky” down the hallway.
Now I can add all of you bloggy peeps into my Pinky nickname friends!

4. People have told me I am the best person to give gifts too because I am so appreciative. My excitement is never fake; I appreciate any gift people give me because that means they thought of me for whatever reason. Just try giving me a jar of dirt…I will love it!
Hasn't changed a bit. A coworker brought me pink pens from a trip and I was floored. If you take the time to think of me, I will take the time to be truly grateful.

5. My friends affectionately call my family “The Brady Bunch” and it is a title I wear proudly.
Hasn't changed, hope it NEVER does!

6. I am very proud of my Christian (Methodist) upbringing and truly believe Jesus Christ is my Savior and that I would be nothing without Him.
I am still Methodist and I stand by my faith. However, my relationship with God and Jesus has become stagnant and that saddens me. I am 100% to blame because I do not make time for God as I should. I am disappointed in myself.

7. However, just because I feel this way does not mean I discriminate or judge people who do not have the same views as me. I enjoy getting into discussions about different faiths and points of view. But, if you start attacking me, I will not back down.
I won't back down if someone is rude, but I have become more open to other peoples views. I still 100% believe Christ is the correct way to eternal life and my God is THE God. However, I can appreciate other people feeling the same way about their religion.

8. Many people believe I am naïve in my view of the world but that is not the case. I just choose to believe people are good until they prove me wrong. And yes, that does mean I get hurt, but I am willing to take that risk.
Sadly, I have found myself more cynical as the years have past. I don't always give people the benefit of the doubt and make quick judgements solely based on superficial things. I hold grudges longer now, because I have been burned so many times. I am much more guarded and less patient with people as humans.

9. I do not take that risk so brazenly when it comes to romantic relationships. I am very guarded about letting guys into my life, something that I like and something that I loathe.
This has never changed, it took C a long time to fully get my heart, but he has broken down all my walls. I must admit it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but I guess that's what happens when the RIGHT person comes along.

10. I go through periods of being super materialistic/high maintenance in my appearance. (Always being dressed to the nines not matter what the occasion, even just running to the store.) And then there are periods where I barely wear any makeup and don’t even dress up for church. I enjoy the mish-mash balance of it all. MishMash is right! I love shopping at Target, but am dying to own a Louis Vuitton Speedy. I'll use CVS makeup, but also splurge on 23408340 hair products. I have learned so much from blogs in the past 2 years, regarding beauty and my regimen is a little bit longer now. Can't say I'm upset though ;)

11. Since I was a young girl, I always thought that I would get married and have a family of my own. That really would be my biggest accomplishment.
Having a family and *hopefully* being a SAHM are my two main goals in life.

12. Lately though, there has been this small feeling that maybe that isn’t the case for me and I might settle for being a fabulous aunt or even just a foster parent.
I wrote this after a really involved relationship/breakup and right now I believe I WILL be a wifey and a mommy. However, the responsibility of it all scares the heebeejeebees out of me more than I ever thought it would.

13. I believe a hug and a smile can cure everything…if only for a few seconds. Still do.

14. I don’t just think the glass is half full. I see it as being half full of your favorite drink, with someone passing the pitcher to fill’er-up. (I really don’t understand pessimism)
Optimism is still my focus, but as mentioned before I dip into the pessimism glass every now and then.

15. I can and will dance to anything, just dare me.
Ha, this will NEVER CHANGE!

16. Say what you want about the Spice Girls, they got one thing right…GIRL POWER!
ALWAYS...girls rule and boys DROOL!

17. If I could, I would love to get the Longwood Soccer CVAC ’02-03 crew together for one more game and party. Being on the team changed every year, and I loved it, but the season we won CVAC was one of the best times for Longwood Women’s Soccer.
Even though there was some drama with our soccer team every year, I LOVED pretty much everything about my sophomore year. We won the championship, the whole team was tight and not split into 'classes', everyone was in amazing shape and we all LOVED being soccer girls. GETBIGWOOD!

18. I find it strange how quickly life has passed by and I am almost a full 4 years graduated from college.
Today I am 7, yes 7, years removed from college. OHMIWORD, where does the time go?

19. I have two best girlfriends who I FULLY believe will be my best friends forever and I consider myself so lucky to have them both in my life.
There have been some ups and downs, but both relationships have blossomed and grown as we have aged. I am truly a blessed girl.

20. I still stay in touch with two of my three college freshman year roommates and I think we will always stay in touch to some extent. I miss those girls!
We all still stay in touch, but now it's probably once or twice a year I chat with either girl. I still miss them both terribly.

21. 3 random things I want to be: A go-go dancer at a club, a Tokyo Drift girl, a back-up dancer to some pop artist. (All things that require really fun clothing!)
Never got the chance to achieve any of these, and yes, they are STILL in the back of my mind if I ever flip the INSANE switch in my head.

22. I am so very proud of my two younger sisters, they are both so talented. I feel very lucky to have them in my life and love being their cheerleader.
Words CANNOT describe how PROUD I am of all my two younger sissys have accomplished. Back then, they were both just star college athletes and I was proud. Now, one has her masters teaching the future generations and the other has her JD from law school and will be passing the bar soon. They are both gonna change the world in some way, I just know it. 

23. Telling me I look young for my age is NOT a compliment yet. I know everyone says I will love this when I am older, but guess what…I’m not older!
Weeeeeeelll, every now and then being mistaken for a high school, when I'm almost 30 can be a bit of a compliment. But, 95% of the time I HATE hearing I 'look soooo young'.

24. I would not be where I am today without my loving and amazing parents. My Mama has the biggest heart in the world and my Daddy is the best man in the world hands down. I seriously size up guys to my Daddy…sorry boys. And I credit my Mama for giving me the loving, caring and giving nature I have towards my friends.
I highly doubt this will EVER EVER EVER CHANGE! As I grow older, I am more and more appreciative of ALL my parents do/did for me. I know everyone says it, but BEST PARENTS EVER!

25. Doing all of my mission trips changed my life a little bit each time. Volunteering in Gulfport, MS after Hurricane Katrina was an incredibly hard experience all 4 of the times I went down there. But watching the town slowly heal, and having been a part of it was one of the most gratifying ones as well. Volunteering in Brazil was the most amazing experience of God’s love in our world and I hope to be able to go back and work with those wonderful children again.
Mission trips will always be near and dear to my heart. Gulfport and Brazil were two of the most amazing experiences and ones that I truly cherish to this day. Sadly, I haven't been on one in 2 years. Some due to conflicts of work and personal life, but some of it is due to the fact I haven't made time for any. I'm so busy traveling for kickball and vacations that I don't have 'TIME' to take off from work. I need to be more proactive in getting involved with missions close to home.


Well there you have it. Some things have changed, but overall I think the core is the same. I can't tell you how fun it was to read my old thoughts. Do you have any old lists you can compare your current life to?


  1. I LOVE this! I love that you were able to look back at something you wrote "back then" and see that thing have not changed much. You are YOU and that is super clear! Your love and devotion to your family is AMAZING and I am so happy for you I wish I had that bond with my brother but sadly I dont.

  2. Oh I remember this! I think I have one on my facebook too haha. It's nice to see if you have grown in ways but stayed the same in other, good ways!

  3. So fun to look back on how things were, even just a few years ago. I think it can really show how you change, but how the core values of a person remain the same. And you, my dear, have the BEST core values and that's why I love you. Well, one of the many reasons why :)

  4. OH my god I did this too and was just looking at mine the other day. So funny!

  5. these are great girl! it makes me sad that you use to look at everyone as good but these past years have changed you..i hate that. It really sucks. So I know everyone calls you Pinky but I wanna know your real name!!! xo Kelly

  6. I just heart your blog! I'm hosting 2 giveaways that I thought you would be interested in (Brushlove & Blue Sky) :)

    P.S. I'm a new GFC follower!

  7. I love this!! :) And can I just say... your 25 things back in the day were DEEP! I think I did... "cheeseburgers are my favorite, I'm terrified of bugs, I hate cats, etc." HAHAHAHA :)

  8. I think I'm going to have to go through my old notes...this is PRICELESS. I love that you haven't changed all that much. You have grown as a person, but now I see that you have always had a beautiful heart and great drive! Love you girl!

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