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August 30, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy - Top Tunes

Hey kids, today we're linking up again for:

My ankle is still all jacked up, but instead of wallowing, I'm
gonna keep on keeping on.

I've done some workouts this week, but nothing to brag about.
I'm still eating clean so yay.
Since I can't really 'hold myself acocuntable' with my injury,
I thought I'd switch it up here today.

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

Everyone knows the KEY to a KICKA$$ workout is KICKA$$ MUSIC.

I used to have THE MOST CURRENT tracks on my play lists in college.
Seriously, I would monitor all of the hippest radio stations out of Florida and NY for the new fly tracks. It was fun having all the new music first, but it was time consuming so once I graduated I just listened to the radio like everyone else.
Hence, why my current workout list has many many old songs.

My gym play list is SUPER long, but I wanted to highlight
some of my TOP faves.


[something about this song just gets me going. Reminds me to workout the summer body too]

[awesome hill or interval pump up song]

Jason Aldean: Johnny Cash
[cruising while running jam]

Korn: Word Up
[awesome for a 'pickupthepace' song]

[great song to start a run to, keeps me from going out too fast]

Nelly: Na-Na-Na-Na
[this song makes me feel gangster when I'm lifting/running]

Ashley Simpson: Outta My Head
[Perfect for Tabata training, or quick interval sets]

Justin Bieber: Boyfriend
[This song keeps me steady when running but love it for abs too]

Usher: Scream
[I love everything about this song. GREAT for any workout]

[This video is hot! Her body is my inspiration when working out. White suit = Want]

Ester Dean: Drop It Low
[drop it drop it low giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl]

[big throwback to college, great cardio song]

Joe & Mystical: Stutter Remix
[change of pace or lifting sequence song]

Katy Perry: E.T
[slow hills or slow climb beat]

[NUMBER 1 go to when I need an energy burst!]

Ludacris: Get Back
[lifting FAV, makes me feel rough and tough]

Hotel Room: Pitbull
[My go to for the start of a quick run, great for a fast pace sprint]

[love this song when I run/lift angry, slow beat, but words ROCK]
[weezy effin' baby makes this song, but like swaggin' when runnin']
Xzibit: Get Your Walk On
[feel like a bad @$$ when I lift or run to this song]

As you can see [or hear] my main course sounds are rap/pop/r&b
with a lil bit of country and rock flavor. 

Most country and rock songs don't do it for me when working out,
I have to have something with a beat.

What are your favorite pump up songs?
Do you only listen to ONE type of genre?


  1. Music is a MUST for a workout! It distracts me. I love your music pics!

  2. Thanks for the great list...I will be checking out/downloading a few of these.

    Stopping by from the linkup. :)

  3. AWESOME list! :) I will be downloading some of those!!!!!

  4. Great list! I used to listen to ZZ Top's greatest hits but, now I turn on the fitness station on Pandora & go to town! Hope your ankle is better soon!!!

  5. I needed this! My run playlist is lacking big time! Found you through the linkup :)

  6. My favorite workout music is My Chemical Romance....a little different than yours ;D hope that ankle perks up soon!

  7. This might just be THE BEST workout mix I have ever seen. I wouldn't expect any less from you ;)


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