August 24, 2012

Confession Fridays

1) I confess I went 3, yes 3, days in a row without washing my hair last week. Le hair is a hot mess, and I've been wearing it up a lot. Before you judge, remember, I always shower, I just don't wash my hair.

2) Le roots are inches long, yikes!

3) I QCed African Cats at work yesterday, and y'all I almost work. Someone needs to get it together.

4) This ankle issue is really getting the best of me. It hasn't even been a week and I feel defeated. I was kicking so much tail working out and eating healthy and NOW I can't workout. Even though it's only been 4 days, I can tell a difference and it blows.

5) Has anyone else noticed the lack of blogging going around the interwebs?!?!? Am I missing out on the NEW cool web trend?!?!

6) Obviously no video, I didn't have time, but y'all I love doing em. Even if no one watches them, I guess I just like to talk.

7) I sent a nastygram to a certain store yesterday, after they emailed me letting me know the clothing I bought from them was out of stock. Exquuueese me?!?!? I've already paid for the merchandise so you best give me my refund ASAP. If this isn't fixed lickedysplit, there will be some major backlash.

8) I like the word lickedyspilt.

Happy Friday to all!

Dear Fall: Stay Away! Dear Summer: Don't Go! Dear Ankle: Heal Faster!
xoxo Pinky


  1. I go 2-3 days with out washing my hair usually as well and yes I shower everyday.

  2. Just so you know I laughed at your cankle yesterday...leaving work I totally face planted down the stairs and have a knee the size of Texas.

  3. Hope you're feeling in better spirits today about the ankle. If not, just let me know and we'll go drink some more sangria to numb the pain :)

  4. I always go 2 or 3 days without washing my hair. It's so dry and if I had to blow dry and straighten it every day it would be totally fried. My pink shower cap is seriously my life saver :)

  5. wahoo!!! 3 days! that is awesome girl!!! im sure it looks fab too! i love it! embrace the mess!

  6. Sorry about your ankle friend! :( Hopefully it gets better soon so you can go back to kicking ass and taking names! :)

  7. I Always go two days w no. Washing hair ans SOMETIMES go three. I wear it up at that point too. ;)

  8. haha you are too cute! i hope your ankle heals fast muffin AND you get your refund pronto!

    i have totally been slacking in the blog world - too much work and enjoying the last few minutes of summer!

  9. I wish I had been slacking on posts! I am keeping to my schedule, but definitely struggling with balancing it all! I haven't been able to comment as much, but that's all pinterest's fault. I have been sucked in BIG time lately. Haha.


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