August 27, 2012


Reading The Hunt for Read October by Tom Clancy. SO GOOD! Daddy B has all the Tom Clancy novels, which I have read in the past 5 years. I love military fiction.

Trying to save money.

Anticipating all of my fun trips in the future. Boston, VA BEACH, Vegas, NOLA, Cozumel.

Buying too too many clothes, shoes and accessories.

Lusting [still] over a LV Speedy! I want I want I want.

Enjoying the summer warmth. Seriously trying to squeeze every ounce of warmth I can because I hate the cold.

Cursing the arrival of fall.

Listening to old school rap.

Annoyed with political ads. ALL OF THEM! I already know who I'm voting for, like most of America does. Seriously, party lines are soooooooooo drastic right now, nothing you put on tv will change someones mind. STOP IT!!!

Watching Rookie Blue and loving it all. I love lead actress Andy, she was awesome in Stick It.

Wishing I knew where I will be in 15 years.
Devouring Food Should Take Good Sweet Potato tortilla chips. CAN'T STOP!!!!

Waking up 5 days a week at 5:30am to workout.

Hating my ankle injury.

Wanting more sleep.

Hoping the workouts are worth it.

Feeling restless with life. I don't know what change I need to make,
but I feel it in the wind.


  1. Boston!! woot! Come on over to the 617! also the politcal ads are just annoying..Thank God for Dvr, fast forward! Also!!!! 5:30 am workouts! This makes me so happy. I love an early morning workout! Every day 6:30 am here! woot!

  2. Um. You forgot about your trip to Minnie. Silly girl. :)

  3. I feel restless with life every now and then. You may not be abel to predict the change that you need to make but once you do you will know! Thinking about you!

  4. I am trying to save money too -- it seems like it's a neverending quest for me haha! And I'm so jealous of all your trips! Sounds fun!

  5. I've been restless this week too. I just need my hubby to come home :) I can't remember the name of it, but there is one Tom Clancy about pirates that I was obsessed with! So good.


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