August 20, 2012

I Believe...


I believe...I would have been a fabulous back up dancer for Britney Spears

I believe... to be early is to be on time and to be on time is to be late.

I believe... reality television is trashy, but for some reason I can't turn away.

I believe...there can never be too much pink.

I believe... a lady should be greeted and said goodbye to with kisses from her beau.

I believe... in soft, romantic candlelight.

I err is human, to forgive divine.

I believe... you can never watch your favorite movie too many times.

I believe... smores should be their own food group.

I believe... my laziness kept me from achieving many dreams.

I believe... I could eat Italian food everyday.

I believe... true friends will be there when it counts the most.

I believe... the sparklier the better.

I believe... technology has made us dumber.

I believe... you can never go wrong with diamonds.

I believe... in keeping relationship issues behind closed doors.
I believe... a white lie is okay when trying to spare  feelings.

I believe... in LOVE.

I believe... in tears.

I believe... I spend too much time on my computer.
I believe... women and men should be equal on the athletic field.
I believe... boyfriend sweatshirts are warmer than girl sweatshirts.
I believe... in warm summer nights

I believe... in over moderation of course.

I believe... my generation will be remembered as lazy and narcissistic.

I believe...we could learn a lot from the 'Greatest Generation'.

I believe the 40s had the most beautiful clothes.
I believe... God gave us the most precious gift of Jesus Christ, his Son.

***************what do you BELIEVE******************


  1. Love love love this! I believe in a lot of these things too. Way to be so inspiring on a Monday morning

  2. i love this post (the on-time thing is SO how i view it!) and i love the being greeted/saying goodbye with kisses!

    and boys clothes are WAAAAY more comfy!

    this post is so inventive. i love it!!

  3. What a sweet post! I believe I spend too much time on my computer too haha. And also that true friends will always be there when you need them!

  4. Love this!! :) You're so right on all of these!

  5. I believe in most of these as well, esp the one about being greeted and said good bye to with kisses!

  6. What a great post!! I agree with so much of it!

  7. Great list pretty lady! And amen to technology making us dumb! I always think that! Thanks so much for linking up :)

  8. love all of the believe pictures :) I agree with so many of these! Awesome post :)

  9. hi there! newest follower to your sweet blog from the linkup!! LOOOVE your blog design & you are just too cute. loved this list. cant wait to read more from ya and would love if you followed back!

  10. Great list! I'm definitely with ya girly!

    xo, Emily

  11. I love finding so many people who agree with me on the sparkles are better thing--because they are!
    And your "overindulgence--in moderation" line made me giggle. It seems like a contradiction, but it really does make sense!

  12. YES. I love being to the extreme haha Great list!
    I' so glad that I found your blog today - it's so cute! Can't wait to read more!


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