August 21, 2012

F%$*)$ Fall

Dear all you hussies rejoicing about the change in weather,

SCREW YOU! I hate it! Not cool!

Love, Pinky.

Seriously, if I see one more post about

I think I'm gonna SCREAM!!!!!!!!
Ok ok ok, before you defriend/stop following me,
let me explain.

Numero UNO:
I hate being cold.
Seriously, I am incredibly cold natured, because of poor circulation.
[thank you grand-daddy Iggy]

I'm the girl in the office that is always freezing,
no matter what time of year.

The one people say "it's not that cold" to
and then when I place my ICE COLD hands
on their hands,
they shiver and say
"HOLY BEEP you are freezing"!

Yeah, I know!

And you know what fall brings???


Numero Dos:
My summer wardrobe is 234823048 times better
than my fall/winter wardrobe.

Booty shorts and tank tops, YES!
Summer dresses and flips, YEPPERS!
Slizzy skirt and a tube top, not anymore, but back in the day!

I love throwing on shorts and a cute tee
and working out in tanks and shorts.

Getting dressed in the summer is SO MUCH EASIER,
and much more flattering for me.

I get so sad when I have to switch out my summer wear
for my winter clothes.
There may be a serious temper tantrum involved too.

PISHPOSH for all the cold weather crap.
Gimme the heat, humidity, warmth of summer.


Numero Tres:
Fall might bring football (huzzah) and early in the season cookouts,
but once mid-sept to October hits,
peace out fun summer bbqs.

Unless you wanna bbq while wearing a parka.
Yeah, no thanks.

When it gets cold, outdoor activities stop
and it's all about the indoor fun and games
[out of the gutter peeps]

I love being able to just go outside and walk around in the summer.
Or, not having to fight the biting cold when I venture to the outside world.

Once fall hits, hibernation starts
and I stay that way till late spring.

Soooooooooooooooooo there you have it.

Once fall comes around and I'm DEAD in the middle,
[not by my choice, of course]
I must admit, I do enjoy many things about the fall season.

However, peeps, it's still AUGUST!

I'll enjoy your fall boards come October.

and the livin's easy!

{so are we still friends? I hope so! love you miss you mean it}


  1. Girly girly girl I am totally with you! I am the girl who wears a sweat shirt to work ALL YEAR ROUND because I am ALWAYS cold! I have the AC in my house set to 75 because I hate being cold and would rather be hot! I also feel ya on Numero Dos and Tres! I hate that come the last 2 weeks of August everyone and their mother rush fall to get here. Calm the hell down it will get here eventually! Enjoy the rest of the summer first!

  2. Girl you are totally alone on this one. I can't wait. Yes I am sick of hearing everyone and their mother talk about it but I am still pumped. I despise my summer wardrobe. I don't feel dressed if I can't layer!

  3. I hear ya! I'm always the cold girl too. I've been bringing cardigans to work for the past few days and end up wearing them all day haha.

    I always get excited for Fall, to dig out my boots and for pumpkin spice. Then about 2 weeks into it I'm ready to move south, wayyy south!

  4. BAHAHAHAHA! Better bust out your socks young lady. :) Fall is coming!!!

  5. hahahha, I love this post. I'm with you. I want the sun to stay forever!

  6. I'm with you. Fall means I have to start working. Another reason to be sad about it. Boo!


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