August 16, 2012

Inspire Me Healthy: Link up

Hello ladies, today is Thursday and that means,
I'm linking up with Kristen and Raven for
All In My Twenties

Seriously y'all this has become my FAVORITE link up ever!
[sorry confession fridays/friday's letters]

I LOVE having a place where I can hold myself accountable
and cheer on others trying to accomplish their goals!


Sadly, I missed week #2's linkup but I'm HERE for week #3!

Last week I was on vacation, which made me nervous. See, we eat healthy at the lake, however we are ALWAYS SNACKING, which is a major downfall of mine. I've REALLY tried hard to eliminate my snacking, and have focused on eating a bunch of smaller portions throughout the day. And when I snack at work, it's always something healthy, ie almonds, fruit, protein shake.

Well, snacking 100% exists at the lake and it is no bueno. We're talking Coke [notpop], Pringles, dip, homemade cookies and brownies, chips, salsa, Goldfish, non homemade cookies, the WORKS. The water is down a pretty big hill, so we always bring a ton of snacks to the dock to last us until lunch time. And by lunchtime I mean 3pm.

That's another thing, our eating schedule is SO lax. It ain't no thang to be sitting down to dinner at 9pm with the family. Even though dinner is super healthy and delicious, eating so late is SOOOOO bad for your body. But, we eat late because lunch is late, it's a vicious cycle I tell ya.

However, I am happy to say that for the most part I kept my snacking in check. Even though food was everywhere I was able to not feed the snack monster for 4 of the 5 days. Anytime I wanted to snack, I jumped in the water or jumped on the ski boat to drive/ski. And to be honest, since I've been eating healthy 2 weeks prior, a lot of the processed crap didn't look very good.

You know what did look good??? ALCOHOL!

Yep, what calories I didn't eat I probably drank. See, I'm what you call a liquor snob, high maintenance drinker, or as a few friends put it a liquor b*&ch.

I don't drink beer. I hate it. Tastes and smells disgust to the ing.
My lack of enjoying beer 100% saved me from gaining the freshman 15 fo sho.
[that and being college athelte plus really good genes] 

I love wine and liquor but those are pretty high maintenance at the lake. So, this year I drank wine coolers. Yeah, kicking it high school on y'all. We picked up a few six packs throughout the week and yours truly probably kicked at least half of them. Oooooops. I will say that drinking made it easier not to eat becuse the bubbles made me feel full. Still, I ingested way too much processed sugar, le sigh.

Luckily, my two sisters are uber fit and like to workout too, so we were able to get some workouts in during the week. One day we went to the gym, another day we went on a run. I was also able to swim some open water laps 3 of the days as well. And you best believe I'm taking the hill walking as a workout. I'll have to find a picture, the grade is insane in the membrane.

All in all I am pretty flippin' happy about my progress over my vacation. I could have completely fallen off the wagon but I didn't. I may have drank more calories than normal, but I really tried to limit the crappy food intake.

My glory moment of the week came from lil Babyspice. I mentioned something about feeling fatty or not making any progress while lounging on the dock and she said, "No you aren't Pinky. I can really see a difference in your upper arms and around your ribs. You're getting the Dorito shape again!!!


Finally progress! Never felt SO GOOD!

I even asked C yesterday if he could see a difference from the past 6+ weeks and his first answer was
"What won't get me in trouble"
 HAH! Too cute.

Once I promised him nothing would get him in trouble,
{unless he called me fat, then I'd beat the sh*t outta him}he also told me he could see a difference in my upper body,

Ok, I just realize how flippin' long this post was,
so if you've made it to here

I can't wait to see every one's progress,
I know y'all are rocking it out!

Each of you can do it,
I'm 100% cheering y'all on!


  1. Go you! It's so hard to stay on track on vacay which is why I love that hubs and I are healthy addicts and we both try to keep mostly on track while away! Keep up the good work.

  2. I love it! You go girl! Traveling is always hard : )

  3. Hey lovie!!! Thanks for linking up!!

    Lake trips are the WORST!!! Im always snacking while I booze!!


  4. Vacations are always hard to stay on track! That is something I struggle with to this day! At least you are aware of this and tried your best that is all you can do! Keep up the good work!

  5. So proud of you! I definitely would not have had willpower with sun, snacks and booze! HAHA Let alone working out... so proud! :)

  6. Snacking is totally my downfall, especially when on vacation. Sounds like you're doing great!! :)

  7. Well done!! You sound so motivated!!
    That's definitely where I'm lacking a lot :)
    And snacks...I probably only eat one proper meal a day - dinner!!
    I snack every couple of hours through work until I get home :/

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  9. Who works out on vacay?! You go girl.

  10. That's why I am so thankful that I don't drink! I think you look AMAZING (and always have thought you looked amazing), but I'm happy that you are feeling/seeing the changes. I know how good that feels!

  11. So exciting for you! Working with a group (or at least reporting in) definitely makes such a huge difference. Keep up the great work :)

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