August 28, 2012

Too little money in the bank

{Like too much booty in the pants ;)}

Remember when I told you I gave my credit card
a work out last week?!?!!
[Darn being a girl and needing comfort buys!]

Well, I thought I would share my fun purchases,
because I looooooove em!
My Red Dress Boutique loot!!!

Most of the items are summery [yeahduh], but I did *try* to buy
some pieces that can transition into fall
with a blazer or cardigan.


Red Dress Boutique is so fabulous. If you remember, I've posted about my LURVE for them before. I will admit they aren't the cheapest boutique, but I fall in LOVE every time I click on their site. Hmmm, maybe I should block myself before I lose all my money?!!?!?!?!?


If you like Lilly on facebook, you'll know they
started their "Summer Sale" last Tuesday
and what an absolute FAIL their online services was.
Their website CRASH a hour into the sale,
and it took them till 6pm to fix it.

Now, personally, I was in no way upset or devastated, but if you read
the comments on their facebook site
you would have thought Lilly clothes were
to some people.


Anyway, I cheated and went to an affiliate site and was able to buy a few fun things, again extending summer for myself.
I'm not ashamed to admit that the only way I'm buying Lilly is onsale.
Her clothes are pretty, her prices redonk!

My Lilly via In the Pink loot!



Sadly, I received an email yesterday from In the Pink telling me they overestimated their inventory and I would no longer be received the two items below. At first, I was extremely peeved, but then realized I didn't need them and since I wasn't charged no hassle of a refund. 

All of these will be PERFECTION when I'm cruising in November!

Don't hate! ;)

I'm hoping they all fit though, sometimes Lilly runs a little big on me.


What do you think?!!?! A little over board right?!!?
Oh well, I'm trying to keep the summer vibe here

Do you have any fun new fashion purchases?


  1. OMG so cute... I am now shopping... pink top is a must!

  2. I love all your new purchases, especially the first pink tank! It's so cute with the ruffles.

    Yay for a cruise. Where ya headed?!

  3. You are making me want to shop today!! These are ALL so cute!!!

  4. I love the first one. The back is to die for.

  5. Great finds!!! & Hey, sometimes you gotta splurge on clothes!

  6. All of this is super cute! I really need to go shopping.

  7. They're all SO CUTE!! :) Good work shopping friend.

  8. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.

  9. That is more clothes than I have bought in the last year! Overboard is right haha. It is all cute, though.

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