August 3, 2012

Confession Fridays Letters VLOG 2

Happy Friday y'all!


I'm on vacay next week so this Friday is
[with a side of frantic at work]
but OH WELL!

Since I received so much LOVE/support regarding my
Confession Friday Letters VLOG,
I'm doing another one.

If I was crafty or techie I would have created a VLOG Button.
But I'm not, so drat.

However, I strongly encourage you to VLOG your

Something about saying things out loud
makes the situation that much more fun
in my opinion.

(btw, my audio is wak at the beginning, my b)

Now link up and
have a GREAT DAY!


  1. I love the idea of doing the vlog instead of a regular blog but it might take me a minute to work up the courage. I loved the stuff you got from Target, that store is crazy, you walk in there for toothpaste and toilet paper and come out with three new outfits and a bookshelf. Anyway, have fun on vacation!

  2. Love you and your vlogs! So cute! I have not forgotten about the combat vlog I just have not had time. Ugg.

    Ps. 8 hour drive aint nothing till you have to do 996 miles! Make the best of it and dont let Freddie Kruger eat you! HAVE FUN ON VACA!

  3. Oh man. I have so much to say. Get ready world. HAHA

    First - I have a confession. I don't watch the Olympics. Don't hate me.

    Second - your walking comment... are you talking to me? HAHA JK But seriously.

    Third - dresses... SO CUTE! I LOVE all three of those!!! I need that third one in my closet like yesterday.

    Fourth - do we need to slap that crabby gym girl into happy land? I'll totally help.

    Fifth - Parking spot... PEOPLE STARTED STEALING MINE TOO! I hate it. Annoying. Just because you get to work on time and I'm late. Leave my spot alone! HAHA

    Sixth - backwards writing may be my favorite part of this post. HAHA Especially the QUEEN one. :)

    Seventh - have fun on your family vacay! Super jealous! I'd like the funny pics too please.

    Eighth - I am just picturing us in a car together. AMAZINGNESS waiting to happen. #justsaying

    Ninth - LOVE YOU!

    Tenth - I don't really have anything to say... I just thought I should have an even 10. OCD much?

  4. Unfortunately I'm at work so I'll have to wait until later to listen to your vlog but I love the idea of doing a vlog of the Friday's letters & confessions. Keeping this in mind :) Happy Friday!

  5. Happy vacation time!! enjoy!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello!

  6. All I have to say is, I adore you. That is all :)

  7. Visiting from the blog hop~

    BTW, love the blog background is by Munchkin Land Designs (yes, I scrolled all the way to the bottom!)

  8. I am loving your PINKNESS going on on your blog haha :)

    My GFC hasn't been working, but it let me follow your GFC blog followers with my twitter? who knew you could do that?!

  9. Yay for vacations! Hope your having a ball x

  10. Haha I love that you learned to write backwards. We have the Olympics on ALL day at work, so I watch lots of it ;) I wish that we could walk everywhere in America...I would kill to live where Dani lives, cuz they walk everywhere. LOVE you!!

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