December 16, 2015

Year in Review {Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr}

Morning, ladies! I hope you are doing well. Last year I participated in an "Year in Review" linkup and even though it's not happening this year, I still wanted to recap my year. It is so crazy 2016 is right around the corner and before we start the new I want to give one last look back at the old.


Started the year running with a NYE celebration at home and the a flight to Columbus, OH for a family weeding. It was a great time and I loved my outfit. I also had a blate with two of my faves {hi smashly and rissy}!

The weekend after Columbus we were jetsetting again, but this time we were going south to Dallas to see my BOFF and to attend the first National Football Championship game. It was an incredibly fun weekend and the game was an amazing experience. It was so awesome cheering the Buckeyes on to victory and celebrating with some of my favorite people!


I wrote a post about no longer being AFRAID TO FAIL! I vowed to make 2015 my year of doing and to not care if I failed as long as I gave it my best. I set some big goals and did whatever I could to achieve them. 

We celebrated Le Husband's birthday with a family dinner and our first attempt at homemade pasta. #yum

I treated Mama B and the two sissys to tea at the Ritz and it was a fun, posh jolly good time!

Our family put together a fabulous surprise for Grandaddy T-bone and we had a wonderful time celebrating his 89th birthday down in Tennessee.  It was a long weekend of driving but so worth it seeing his happy face.


I traveled back to Ft. Worth to visit my beautiful BOFF and attend her baby shower.  It was such a fun weekend celebrating her and meeting more of her dearest friends. Lil Evie was spoiled and we spent a fun Valentine's day together, too!

We continued our jet setting and headed down to Ft Lauderdale to kick off the kickball season at SFKO. It was so nice being warm after a brutal winter and Le Husband and I had a great time playing kickball, eating good food and soaking up the sun on the beach. #iloveagoodsunset #gimmethebeachinthewinter

In an effort to step up my recipe game I started blogging new recipes. It was fun and something I've continued through the year. Having a nice camera for pretty pictures is a complete game changer.  
[Crockpot Chicken and Mushrooms]
[Homemade Tortillas]

Sportyspice turned the big 2-9 [what] and we had fun celebrating her day of birth. 


We traveled down to the Southern part of VA for the weekend to watch Le Husband's college baseball team play. It was freezing in but still a good time watching the boys. We also bought the team dinner which was a fun little affair. I love seeing Le Husband around his baseball team, it's something I missed since we didn't know each other and the little glimpses make me smile. Plus I got to sport my Kent State gear. #baseballwifefortheweekend

We flew to Cincinnati for another family wedding. It was a great time, but since we were still on Whole30 we missed out on the cupcakes and the booze, wah! Oh and we failed to get a picture together #theworst!

Our recipe game continued on strong as we tried out new Whole30 recipes. There are so many delicious recipes out there and many of them were quite easy to make. We found the ones we liked and ate them QUITE often.
[Salmon with avocado and mango salsa]
[Cracklin Chicken]

After starting the program in February, we finished our first attempt of Whole30 and man was it an incredible experience.  I learned a ton about food, my mental strength and my body and had some pretty fabulous results. I can't speak highly enough about this program and think everyone should give it a try at least once.


We celebrated Easter and it was a wonderful weekend with family and the out doors.

I shared my heart and wrote in the raw about the six year anniversary of my grandmother's death. It hurt to type by it was also cathartic. Y'all were so supportive and I was blown away by the kind comments. #thankyou

We did a day hike even though I was sick and we conquered it thankfully. Also, a bunch of my blog besties welcomed beautiful baby girls into the world and it was such a wonderful weekend of texts.

I celebrated my 32nd birthday with a delicious dinner and a fun bowling party. #wowimold

Another weekend another flight to another state. I flew back to Ft. Worth to meet beautiful Evelyn and hang with my new mommy BOFF. It was so much fun cuddle the new bambina and witness one of my best friends as a mother for the first time.

I shared my workout routine and quick abs video.

I also jumped on the 'Show me your states" blog bandwagon and have actually added two since then.

Wow, it sure was a busy first quarter, we really hit 2015 running. Next week I'll bring you the middle of the year.


  1. You did a LOT of traveling this year! And this is only for Jan-Apr haha! And sounds like you had a great 32nd birthday too! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. It amazes me how fast time flies and how much you traveled this year! I remember reading these posts like they were yesterday!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. How does time fly by so quickly?!?! You have definitely done a lot of travel this year friend, which I think is so fun!! Can you even believe 2016 is so freakin' close?! xo

  4. Wow!!! You have been busy!!! That's so cool that you got to go to the College Football Playoff!! I've been thinking about trying to snag tickets to the Cotton Bowl play off game for the husband... But SO EXPENSIVE!! Your grandmother sure was a beauty!! Cheers to doing the most in 2015!!

  5. Wow at all you have accomplished in the past year. Can I just take a moment and say you literally always look so pretty in all of your pictures! & your grandma was so beautiful. I lost mine 3 years ago and it's been the hardest thing to cope with. She was like my second mom, so I can definitely relate.

  6. ah i love this post! i missed a lot of this as a newer reader so this is great to see what you've done all year :) so pretty in that first photo! and fun travels and babies and birthdays and i see one trip to florida in there already. love it! :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. Three times, I saw you three times in those months! I miss you so much. And man E was so tiny when you saw her last. I need to recap my year, but pretty sure puke won't be very interesting. lol.

  8. You were a busy bee with all your traveling! And that's just the first part of the year. Goodness!

    So I decided very last minute to do Whole30 and forgot to do measurements. Lame. I'm doing it again in January and will have to remember to do measurements! Your results were amazing.

  9. I love end of the year posts! So fun to look back and see how full the year really was!

  10. Year in review... my goodness. Where has the time gone?! LOVED looking back at your year. Look at all the fun you had... and that is just through April! If you ever get the chance to come to Minnesota... we HAVE to get together. :)

  11. What a year it has been. So much traveling and so much fun.

  12. How awesome to attend the national championship!! We are going to the division 2 one this Saturday to cheer on our alma matter and I can't wait!!

  13. I always love reading end of the year recaps like this. Makes us see how much awesome stuff has happened in such a short time :) I'm looking forward to writing mine too!

  14. Lots of fun weddings, baby shower and family get-togethers! Yay for new recipes! Having a nice camera definitely helps! What setting do you use to get the blurry background? I'm still trying to work on my skillz or lack thereof. lol

  15. Looks like you had an amazing year, and I can't wait to see more! I have a lot of catching up to do since I just started following you!

    I lost my grandfather this year, and it was one of the hardest things I've been through. I enjoyed reading your post about your grandmother. It sounds like she was an amazing woman and a wonderful soul.

  16. You went through so much in the 1st few months of the year. I really enjoyed reading your recap so far.

  17. Oh man, that was just a few months?! My goodness! You guys did so much and seemed like you had so many amazing things to celebrate this year!

  18. Ohhh I love year in review posts!!

  19. the best thing about this is that i remember it all as it happened and reading about it as you did it! love it. the surprise party for your grand daddy and the tea at the ritz looks so fun! everytime i see you and your sisters (and your mom) i can't get over how alike you all look!
    busy quarter indeed! y'all did so much! love it.

  20. You had such a great start to the year! I have loved following along with it as it unfolds.

  21. I cannot believe how much you have packed into a year based on this chunk! You look so much like your grandmother and have me totally believing I could do Whole 30. Please note I am snacking on Doritos while I write this ;)

  22. Can you believe its year in review time? Ah! You look so fab girl, I especially love the wrap dress!!

  23. I love year in review posts! I can't believe how much traveling you have done this year...its awesome! Loved that dress from the wedding in January!

  24. You were a traveling machine this year! That's so much fun that you got to go to the national football championship and see your Buckeyes win! I also think that it's so amazing how easily we can travel to see somebody. What a special experience to see your friend for her baby shower and then after she had her baby even though you live across the country from each other.

  25. isn't it so crazy how FAST this year flew by?? it amazes me how short the years feel. love the recap post; you did so many awesome things!


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