December 23, 2015

Year in Review {May, June, July, August}

Morning and cheers, friends. Can you believe Christmas is this Friday? I sure can't! This is quite possibly the best week of the year because everyone is super excited for the holidays and there is a fun bustle in the air. The magical night is almost here and we are on the cusp of Christmas joy. Today is extra joyous  because I taught my FIRST BODYPUMP CLASS THIS MORNING AND we are doing our FIRST round of wedding dress shopping for Sportyspice.  I CAN'T WAIT to see her beautiful face in all the pretty gowns. EEEK! So much fun in one week!

Be Te Dubs, big THANK YOU to everyone who linked up with us for the Christmas Countdown this month. Katie, Sara and I had a great time hosting and I loved reading all the fun festive posts this month. I appreciate all of the support y'all gave us, y'all ARE the BESTEST!!!!

Anyway, below you'll find the middle part of my year and honestly, part of the quietest part of my year. We were pretty go go go at the beginning but the summer found us a lil more mellow which was nice. I always enjoy the slow, lazy days, they make my heart sing. #quietbeforethestorm #sleepinginisthebest

I shared some of the not so pretty parts of my personality.

We celebrated Mama B on Mother's Day.

After Whole30 and changing up my fitness routine I finally started seeing real progress in my body.

Our women's kickball team had our first tournament of the year and came out of it back-to-back champs. It was great playing well and winning some extra money too. 

I posted about my feeling of contentment with life and and some of my loves of the year.

We flew to Cincinnati for Memorial weekend to meet our new nephew. Oh my goodness, I love new baby smell and cuddles. It was a great weekend of babies, kiddos, summer fair and the pool. #iloveweekendswithfamily

Summer brought lots of sporting events and the Women's World Cup.

Since it was the middle of the year, I rechecked in with my 2015 goals.

We had a lot of fun on the weekends with bike rides and enjoyed lots of soccer on television.

In order to get ready for swim suit season, Le Husband and I did a second round of Whole30 and had great results.  

I OWNED it, the good the bad and the ugly.

June brought the DC Kickball tournament and it ended up being a big disappointment both days. Our coed team really stunk it up and then our women's team lost in the finals and I was the last out. It was pretty tough, but luckily a dinner celebrating Father's Day brought the smiles back. #myfamilyrocks #whattrulymatters

I went out on a HUGE limb and signed up for BODYPUMP training. It was a long weekend of learning, fitness and stepping outside my comfort zone but I did it and I PASSED!!!! I was so excited and proud of myself.

That same weekend we sent off a favorite family of ours and enjoyed a wet, but fun dinner cruise down the Potomac river. It was a ton of fun but really hard to say goodbye to such wonderful people.

We also celebrated Mama B's half birthday with a pool party and it was a BLAST! #shelooksdarngoodforherage

We continued cheering on the USWNT in the WWC. It was fun meeting up with soccer friends and the sissys.

Le Husband and I snuck off for a week vacation in Colorado where we celebrated the 4th of July. While in Colorado we watched the USWNT win the World Cup for the first time since 1999 and it was pretty awesome! I had some amazing blog friends guest post for me while we were away. [Thanks pretty girls].

I posted my first Today I post and it was a great concept. Bummer I failed to do anymore this year.

There was no rest for the weary as I spent the next weekend playing in a soccer tournament and hanging with some new soccer friends. It was a long soccer weekend with six games but a ton of fun as WE WON so it was worth it!

I gave thanks for small things, shared some of my Nordstrom sale purchases,  had a chill weekend for once and said goodbye to a dear blog friend who lost her battle with heart disease. #rememberingleslie
I CONQUERED my fitness goal for 2015 when I ran the Spartan race in the elite category. It was tough, but did it and I wasn't last which made me feel so strong. I worked really hard this year for this goal and was thrilled when all the hard work paid off. #spartansprint #spartanstrong #goalachieved #stickwithitandyoullgetit

We spent an abbreviated week in Tennessee for our yearly family vacation. It might have been a short week, but the fun, sun and memories made weren't short anything. The water was fantastic and it was great being back after missing out last year. Le Husband even learned to one ski which was so awesome to watch. #waytogohoney

Continuing the BODYPUMP certification process I taught my first class comprised of my family. They were champs and rocked it out and I did the whole thing in one full take the first time. It was a bit scary putting all my training out there but I was proud of my achievement when it was all over. #BODYPUMP #myfamilyrocks

Just a a week later I found out I PASSED MY ASSESMENT and could apply for a JOB! #HOLLA

Our last August weekend brought on pool time, good food, birthday celebrations and of course kickball!

Wow, summer was super fast this year, right? I mean wow, I think I had a pretty awesome one. Check you next week for my last recap [wow that is crazy to write and read]!


  1. You had such a great year! Yay to bike rides and reaching your fitness goals! Um and of course passing your BodyPump assessment! You killed summer girl! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Wow! Such an awesome Summer!! You got so much accomplished and had loads of fun!

  3. You call that chill? It was jam packed! The food, the sun, man I missed summer this year being home with E.

  4. gosh what a fun and amazing year! colorado is just amazing, i love that state. and you kicked butt on all that fitness, from softball to body pump! love that. have a wonderful christmas girly!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I'm so proud of everything you have accomplished fitness wise this year - you've seen your goal of becoming a pump fitness instructor come to life and you rock at it!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Hope your first body pump class went awesome this morning! You rocked it this year with the Whole30 challenge and tons of sporting events plus celebrations with your fam. I'd say it was a fabulous year. Colorado also looks so pretty! i'm dying to visit and explore one day. Merry Christmas girlie!

  7. wow--so much packed into these months!! i loved reading of your goals that were accomplished. now how are you gonna top this amazing year?

  8. I loved following along with all your kickball adventures, and am still so proud of you with your Body Pump certification! Awesomeness! You sure had an amazing 2015. Merry Christmas gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  9. I can't believe it's almost been 5 months since Leslie passed - I've been praying for her family more than ever over these last couple of weeks. I'm off to read about your Colorado trip again since ours is quickly approaching! :) Merry Christmas, girlfriend!

  10. Looks like 2015 has been a great year for you! Here's to an even better 2016!

  11. What an amazing summer you had! I can't wait to see your recap for the end of the year! I'm loving catching up on your blog since I just found you!

  12. I love seeing all of your posts about kickball, and way to go on being back to back champs in your women's league! Your trip to Colorado looks so beautiful! That's one place that my husband and I haven't visited together, so we might have to add that to our list for next year!

  13. Love the Body Pump photo with your family, just adorable. Your summer was so busy! Whew. Oh, sweet Leslie... I think about her and her family so often. My heart still hurts.

  14. what a great summer recap! it's so amazing that your fam came out to support your body pump practice session :D

  15. I hope that your class went well this morning. I'm sure you rocked it! I seriously love your blog & all you do. You're one of the coolest, most inspirational people I "know" You always make me want to get my shit together ha.

  16. This is such a fun way to look back at the year. You seriously did SO much, my goodness! Congrats on the body pump class...that sounds like a great work out! Seeing your Whole30 results really makes me want to look further into it! Definitely an inspiration!

  17. That's one heck of a summer girlie!!! Have fun wedding dress shopping with sister!! Merry Christmas!!


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